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Joey Ryan becomes Stardong as feud with Cody Rhodes intensifies

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At APW #WEOUTHERE last night (Feb. 17, available on FITE), Joey Ryan's scheduled match against the Berkeley Brawler frankly initially had me scratching my head as to why you wouldn't give him a higher profile opponent, but as so often happens in pro wrestling, it made sense in the end.

As you can see above courtesy of the man himself, Joey came out for the match dressed as Cody Rhodes' former alter-ego of Stardust, or, well, in Mr. Ryan's case, Stardong, if you will.

He'd lose the match to the Brawler despite hitting his trademark YouPorn Plex, getting caught with an eye rake delaying an attempt at Cross Rhodes just a bit too long, but he wasn't done with Rhodes just yet.

During Cody's match against Penta el Zero M, Joey ran in (as himself this time) and attempted to cost the grandson of a plumber the match to no avail. The erstwhile Pentagon, Jr. was none too happy about this, either, as you can see from this post-match video from Cagesider rancho king—

After all the chaos was done and dusted, Cody issued a challenge to Joey for a steel cage match at APW's debut at the historic Cow Palace in May, but, well...

There you have it, folks

Anybody excited to see this steel cage match go down? Or perhaps you have other wrestling characters you'd like to see Joey Ryan put some dong into?

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