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Vince Russo announced as AroLucha’s ‘script consultant’

Aro Lucha, the new “family friendly” promotion from former TNA producers Aroluxe, has announced another big wrestling name for their team. With a show coming up this weekend that will be headlined by Rey Mysterio, Pentagon, Rush and John Morrison, head writer Konnan yesterday (Dec. 8) revealed a that former WWE, WCW and Impact writer Vince Russo is on board:

What does this mean - other than to not expect Jim Cornette to join AroLucha?

Who knows! There’s been no official word the Dec. 10 event in Nashville is being filmed, so Russo could just be on hand to help produce a house show at this point. Word is AroLucha’s plan is to build slowly with live cards and online presence, so it might be a while before we can even determine what influence the former WCW World Heavyweight champ has on the company.

Konnan’s announcement got wrestling sites like us to write about his new venture, though, so... it’s already a success in that regard, even if Russo only ever works Sunday’s show.

Thoughts, bros and bro-ettes?

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