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Promotion releases phone call of Sid Vicious blaming President Trump for missing show

Sid Vicious was all set to appear for Absolute Intense Wrestling for an event on Dec. 29 when, just hours before the show, he had to cancel. His reasoning? President Donald Trump’s travel ban, or something like that. Here’s how the promotion explained it in their announcement (via Facebook):

Sid claimed Donald Trump's travel ban prevented him from boarding his flight to Cleveland this morning because of an unpaid speeding ticket and he claimed this is new government policy since he didn't have his passport even though he was traveling within the United States and is a United States Citizen. We recorded his cancelation call just so there is proof of all this and we we will do our best to play the audio tonight or on a future episode of our podcast.

Now, the audio is here and you can listen to it above.

Sid rambles on and on, at one point even getting into the idea that he, too, didn’t want Colin Kaepernick playing in the NFL because he was kneeling during the National Anthem. It’s really an amazing audio, and may do more for AIW’s exposure than Sid actually showing up would have.

Just remember that while you may only be half the man that Sid is, he has half the brain that you do.

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