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NOVA Pro Such Great Heights live results: Dutt vs. Gresham, LaRoux vs. Philips, and more

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NOVA Pro make their live debut on today at 8PM Eastern with Such Great Heights in Annandale, Virginia. So check out the preview Duke and I wrote here and then sign up (with a ten-day free trial, twenty days with promo code NOVAPRO) or log in, have a sit-down, and chat about it with the finest pro wrestling community on the internet while you watch, whether that’s on your computer or through the brand new Roku app that Powerbomb have released for public beta testing.

And hey, there’s a free pre-show at 7PM that you can check out right here!

Here's a run-down of the card for tonight, and we'll update with basic results here, too:

Brandon Green is interviewed by Brad Stutts to kick the show off, running Santa’s work ethic down and promising we’ll see what he has in store for Jolly St. Nick later.

Lucas Calhoun over Breaux Keller by pinfall with the one-inch punch. (Karate Kumite Invitational Gauntlet Match)

Lucas Calhoun over Isaiah Frazier by pinfall with the one-inch punch. (Karate Kumite Invitational Gauntlet Match)

“Supercop” Dick Justice vs. Lucas Calhoun goes to a no-contest after a finger gun vs. one-inch punch Mexican standoff leads to both men shaking hands, bowing, and saluting, leaving full of respect. (Karate Kumite Invitational Gauntlet Match)

Brandon Green comes out for his match against Santa but immediately cedes the floor. Fuller House (Josh Fuller & Mike Mars) come out and Fuller cuts a promo on Santa, saying Claus ruined his Christmas and now he’s ruining everybody else’s by pointing out that Santa isn’t back there.

But lo, Santa comes out! He hands presents out to the crowd and is interviewed about his new handicap match. He says he’s feeling a little under the weather and needs to find a partner, and roots through his sack looking for something. He pulls out two sandwiches and raises them high... here comes the Sandwich Squad!

Sandwich Squad (Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary) over Fuller House (Josh Fuller & Mike Mars) by pinfall with tandem body avalanches on Fuller.

Arik Royal comes out for an interview to address Chet Sterling’s absence tonight. He says he’s gotten a lot of calls and messages and he does in fact have a partner ready to step up to team with him against the Ugly Ducklings... DAVID STARR!

Starr comes out and says he felt like NOVA needed something, like (nicknames ensue) and says that he and Royal will prove tonight why they’re really good at wrestling!

Gunner Miller (c) over AJ Gray by pinfall with the Jackhammer to retain the Anarchy Triple Crown Championship.

Beau Crockett over Sugar Dunkerton by pinfall with a poke to the eyes and a spear.

Tim Donst over Jimmy Jacobs by pinfall with a double underhook piledriver.

Alexander James over Fred Yehi by pinfall with a hammerlock suplex.

Allie Kat vs. Angelus Layne vs. Brittany Blake vs. Jordynne Grace (Elimination Match)

—Jordynne Grace eliminates Allie Kat by pinfall with a Vader Bomb while Blake was on her back.

—Brittany Blake eliminates Jordynne Grace by submission with a sleeper hold.

—Brittany Blake wins, last eliminating Angelus Layne by pinfall reversing a suplex to a small package.

Dominic Garrini over John Kermon by pinfall with the short piledriver. (No Rope Match)

Logan Easton LaRoux is interviewed and scoffs at the idea that he’s underestimated Sage Philips and belittles his size and talent, saying he’ll need to call 911 for medical attention after their match. He also takes issue with the idea that Philips has ever truly beaten him and states simply that he’s going to win.

Logan Easton LaRoux (c) over Sage Philips by pinfall with an Ace Crusher to retain the PWI Ultra J Championship.

Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) over Arik Royal & David Starr by pinfall.

After the match Gunner Miller spears Royal and beats him down! CTE lays the Ace out! Jackhammer!

Faye Jackson over Veda Scott by submission with a baseball bat-assisted arm-trap crossface in thumbtacks. (Street Fight)

Jonathan Gresham (c) over Sonjay Dutt by submission with a figure four leglock to retain the Independent Wrestling Championship.

After the match, Stokely Hathaway gets on the mic and apologizes to Sonjay, saying he’s earned a bit of his respect. He says every year is the Dream Team’s year from now until the end of time because they’re going to live forever. They need to announce a new number one contender and in January—

Gresham cuts him off and says January is too far away. This Sunday at Beyond he has “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams and he’s going to put the title on the line against him!

Sonjay takes a turn on the microphone to talk about his seventeen years in wrestling and put the show over.

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