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Beyond / WWR Tournament For Tomorrow ♀ live results: Starr vs. Gage, Purrazzo vs. Rayne, and more

Women’s Wrestling Revolution Pro on Twitter

Women’s Wrestling Revolution Pro debuts (and Beyond returns!) to today at 2PM Eastern with Tournament For Tomorrowin Worcester, Massachusetts. So sign up (with a ten-day free trial, twenty days with promo code WWRPRO) or log in, have a sit-down, and chat about it with the finest pro wrestling community on the internet while you watch, whether that’s on your computer or through the brand new Roku app that Powerbomb have released for public beta testing.

Best of all, the first four matches will be airing free for everyone on Beyond’s YouTube channel!

Here's a run-down of the card for tonight, and we'll update with basic results here, too:

Beyond Powerbomb Pre-Game

Dream Team (Jonathan Gresham & Maxwell Jacob Friedman) over Hot Wheelz ("Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams & Wheeler YUTA) by pinfall with a slingshot piledriver from MJF on YUTA.

Orange Cassidy over John Silver by pinfall with a folding press.

Post-match, Silver snaps and beats Cassidy down before walking off with the man’s orange juice.

Josh Briggs over Ace Romero, Brian Milonas, and Kyle the Beast by pinfall on KTB.

David Starr over Nick Gage by referee stoppage with a barbed-wire assisted sleeper hold. (No Disqualification Match)

Post-match, they jaw at each other and Starr tells Gage to get out of his ring when a shoving match breaks out and they continue to jaw, but eventually Gage takes his leave. David then cuts a promo about being the ace of the company and says they’re gonna ring in the new year the right way, with a match against Joey Janela on 12/31... fans bring the weapons!

WWR Tournament For Tomorrow ♀

Sonya Strong over Veda Scott

Sonya Strong cuts a promo about how she's gonna move onto bigger and better things, and she calls Deonna Purrazzo out as the next step in her path to being what she's supposed to be.

Jordynne Grace over Skylar by pinfall with a vertical drop Michinoku Driver. (Tournament For Tomorrow ♀ First Round Match)

Tasha Steelz over Terra Calaway by pinfall with a crucifix pin. (Tournament For Tomorrow ♀ First Round Match)

Karen Q over Willow Nightingale by submission with a Boston crab. (Tournament For Tomorrow ♀ First Round Match)

Davienne over Vanity by pinfall with a double leg fisherman suplex. (Tournament For Tomorrow ♀ First Round Match)

Jenny Rose over Alexxis by pinfall with a bridging fisherman suplex.

At this point the show heads to intermission.

Jordynne Grace over Tasha Steelz by pinfall with a running Tenryu powerbomb. (Tournament For Tomorrow ♀ Semifinal Match)

Davienne over Karen Q by pinfall with a Samoan drop following a elbow to the back of the head courtesy of a run-in by Miranda Vionette. (Tournament For Tomorrow ♀ Semifinal Match)

Solo Darling & Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) over Allie Kat, Laynie Luck, & Nadi by submission with a cloverleaf from Darling on Nadi.

Deonna Purrazzo over Madison Rayne by submission with a Fujiwara armbar.

Jordynne Grace over Davienne by submission with an arm-trap bear hug. (Tournament For Tomorrow ♀ Finals)

Deonna Purrazzo comes to the ring to raise Grace’s hand in victory.

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