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Filed under: announces partnership with Smart Mark Video’s group of partner promotions has grown slowly but steadily since their first announcements last year, names ranging from Virginia’s NOVA Pro Wrestling to Quebec’s International Wrestling Syndicate to New England’s Beyond Wrestling joining up in recent months, but today they announced their largest partnership yet.

Smart Mark Video, purveyor of all manner of indie wrestling for twenty years now, will be adding content from their absolutely immense library of wrestling starting on November 1. They’re promising both content from current promotions like Ohio’s Absolute Intense Wrestling, Ontario’s Alpha-1 Wrestling, and Indiana’s IWA Mid-South, as well as archive releases from defunct promotions and footage that has never been seen in digital formats.

This is exciting on a number of levels, not least when you consider that the Highspots Wrestling Network is already out there doing a similar thing with their own gargantuan library of indie content. It’s not a stretch to imagine, if the SMV releases to Powerbomb come early and often, that this time next year a positively huge amount, maybe even a majority, of modern indie wrestling’s history will be available between the two services.

And just on a personal level, it completes the transition Powerbomb has made in my wrestling life from “Oh hey, they have the Scenic City Invitational, I’ll subscribe once or twice a year to catch up” to a monthly mainstay that began when they started ramping up their live streaming effort recently. (Helped along, admittedly, by their offer of six free months for anybody like myself who was subscribed to FloSlam for the whole year when the, ah, recent unpleasantness went down.)

It’s not always easy to justify another regular subscription, but when they provide as much value as Powerbomb already does and they make it clear with moves like this that they’re really dedicated to continue bringing more and more content in, it’s hard to turn it down.

There you have it, folks

Excited to see Smart Mark Video releases on or will you stick to individual releases, Cagesiders?

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