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Fancam footage of William Regal's appearance at Progress Chapter 33: Malice in Wonderland

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Simon Head on YouTube

UK indie standouts Progress had their 34th (don't let the number fool you, there's a non-chapter but still essential World Cup in there) main series show yesterday and a certain Villain dropped by and made his presence known.

As you can see here in the fan cam the fine folks at Progress shared on Twitter today, Mr. Regal isn't exactly playing guest booker like he has for Evolve in the past. It's still a jolly good time, however, as he makes fun of public front of the company Jim Smallman's alleged "comedy" and wonders if his perpetual need for a sandwich might be the result of a tapeworm before putting the Progress roster over and bidding the crowd in attendance to enjoy the show.

Of course, an appearance is never merely an appearance when you're talking about a man as influential to NXT's talent pool as William Regal, and he most assuredly had eyes on the show to get a few fresh ideas as to who to bring down to Florida next.

And since I have you, I'll drop the show's results right here in advance of a more detailed recap in Sermon on the Mat once the show goes up on their VOD service Demand Progress.

Dunne Brothers (Damian and Pete Dunne) draw against Trent Seven & Tyler Bate after the match ends in a double countout

Jack Gallagher over Zack Gibson

TK Cooper & Travis Banks over Jack Sexsmith & Roy Johnson

Mark Andrews over El Ligero

Mark Haskins over Will Ospreay to become #1 Contender to the Progress Championship

London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch) (c) over War Machine (Hanson & Ray Rowe) to retain the Progress Tag Team Championship

Marty Scurll over Pastor William Eaver (c) to become the first two-time Progress Champion

What do you think, folks? Anybody on the Progress roster you'd like to see Mr. Regal scout for NXT?