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Will Ospreay shoots on the IWC, tells his detractors to 'get with the times'

At Revolution Pro Wrestling's sold out York Hall event on Sunday, Will Ospreay dropped a pipe bomb by shooting on his detractors within the IWC, telling them to "get with the times!"

Will Ospreay: milking the Vader controversy for all it's worth
Will Ospreay: milking the Vader controversy for all it's worth
Wikimedia Commons

My friend Rob Reid predicted that "the sky's the limit" for Will Ospreay just two months ago. Truer words may never have been said as Ospreay has broken out of the pack to become by far the hottest star on the British independent scene, by virtue of winning New Japan Pro Wrestling's Best of the Super Junior tournament and his controversial acrobatic match with Ricochet during the tourney.

On Sunday evening at Revolution Pro Wrestling's sold out York Hall event, Ospreay got a rapturous hero's welcome that few wrestlers could ever generate before his match with Speedball Mike Bailey. The bout milked the controversy for maximum effect in the early going with Ospreay doing the same back flip into a pose spot that caused Vader to get upset on Twitter, before later hitting a Vader Bomb, which Bailey, of course, no sold. A dazzling exchange of flashy kicks and breathtaking dives then ensued with Ospreay eventually picking up the victory with a 450 splash and a springboard Stunner.

Clearly growing in swagger and confidence, Ospreay dropped a pipe bomb on his detractors after the match:

"I want to address something and it's not about what time it is. I tell you what, you know what time it is? It's time to get with the times! The IWC wants to say Ospreay doesn't tell any stories. Now I don't know why they'd want a dyslexic kid to read them Harry Potter...."

The comments were highly ironic given that you may not find a 1,200 fan crowd with a greater proportion of members of the IWC, but when you are that over with your home audience you can say no wrong. Get on the Ospreay bandwagon now, Cagesiders, because barring injury he seems destined for major WWE stardom before he hits 30.

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