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PWG All Star Weekend 12 Night Two results

Reseda was rocking Saturday night with another seminal show from Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

The American Legion Hall in Reseda, Calif. was packed to the rafters on Saturday night for the second show of All Star Weekend 12. Luminaries like Ronda Rousey and Gillian Jacobs were in attendance as the crowd seemed to dwarf even the standing-room-only shows of last August's Battle of Los Angeles triple shot.

Chuck Taylor def. Marty Scurll: The evening began on a bit of a strange note. PWG shows usually have one of two openers: an outright comedy match, or a balls-to-the-wall multi-person spotfest. This was neither, surprisingly.

Both Taylor and Scurll are well-known for employing loads of comedy in their matches, but they worked a very straightforward match with only a couple of comedy spots and very little playing to the crowd. Taylor had apparently worked a similarly serious style during Friday's Night One. He won the match via pinfall after the Awful Waffle and has won five in a row at PWG. Maybe Taylor is being groomed to be a serious challenger for the word title.

Mark Andrews def. Evil Uno: The second match trafficked more in the comedy that PWG fans are accustomed to, but many fans were perhaps unfamiliar with Uno's methodical heelishness. Several minutes into the match, Uno began attacking Andrews' genitals with aplomb ... and in clear view of despised local referee, Justin. At one point, Uno even bit Andrews' dick in clear view of the ref and rather than applying a five-count to break or calling for a blatant DQ, Justin opted to cover his eyes in terror.

Uno worked over Andrews' dick for the duration of the match, but Andrews finally managed to turn the tables with a top-rope dick stomp and a SSP for the win. The true loser: Andrews' poor, flayed penis.

Trevor Lee def. Drew Galloway: Lee started the match heeling strong, trying to convince Galloway that they're both TNA superstars and that the people in Reseda don't deserve this. He then brought up Three Man Band and for some reason, that drove Galloway to lay into Lee with fury, even though Three Man Band totally ruled.

Galloway and Lee was a real vicious brawl that had Lee controlling large stretches with hard-hitting offense and Galloway retaliating with power moves. Galloway looked like he had the win sewn up, but Lee managed to get a rolling small package and pick up the victory.

Matt Sydal & Ricochet def. Death By Elbow (Chris Hero & JT Dunn): This match was originally supposed to feature the team of Hero and Tommy End, but an injury kept End out of All Star Weekend altogether. This was the PWG debut of Dunn and Death By Elbow, both of which were warmly received by the crowd.

The story of this match was Dunn getting worked over and Hero getting more and more pissed off by the antics of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. The home stretch featured elbows and strikes aplenty, with Hero going on a terrific tear of hitting both opponents at the same time with kicks and elbows. Eventually, Dunn got caught alone and ran into the most vicious Meteora I've ever seen, then got nailed with the Benadryller 2point and pinned.

Trent? def. Adam Cole: This was the first match back from intermission and the crowd was trying to get their strength back up throughout this one. A solid -- if unspectacular -- match ended when Cole hit a top rope Canadian Destroyer, but Trent? managed to reverse the pin for the upset victory.

PWG World Tag Team Championship Match: The Young Bucks (c) def. ReDRagon: The Bucks were in top form tonight and their chemistry with longtime NJPW rivals ReDRagon is evident. This was the second genitals-focused match of the evening, as the inevitable SUCK ITs abounded, followed by accusations that Bobby Fish took them up on the offer while being set up for a tombstone.

The finish was something truly amazing. The Bucks had both Fish and Kyle O'Reilly down in the ring after a strong finishing stretch. Matt and Nick noticed both RD members' mouth guards on the mat, so they picked them up, shoved them down their pants, rubbed them on their genitals, put the guards back in RD's mouths and superkicked them silly. They hit More Bang For Your Buck and retained, which resulted in an enthusiastic standing ovation from Ronda Rousey, among others.

PWG World Championship Match: Zack Sabre Jr. def. Roderick Strong (c): I've seen a lot of ZSJ matches at this point and this was probably the best of all of them. His new gear looks terrific and this was a convincing world title win. The PWG faithful have been clamoring for him to take the world title for a long time and now he's on top of the mountain. In a match that featured sock one-upsmanship, Sabre eventually forced Strong to tap, ending Roddy's 449-day reign as PWG champ.

After the match, Sabre's Euro Trash buddies Andrews, Galloway and Scurll hit the ring to celebrate. Sabre cut a promo thanking the fans, telling them he quit his job to follow his dream, which was surprisingly in a legion hall in Reseda. He promised them he'd be around for a long time to defend the title and that he'll stick around for a long time even if he happens to lose it.

You'll want to check this show out for the final two matches if nothing else, but this is another must-see show from PWG.

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