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Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks have a retirement scare

Those darned Elite are at it again. This might just be their finest video yet.

There's absolutely no one in professional wrestling right now having half as much fun as the Elite of the Bullet Club. Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks of Nick and Matt Jackson are not only on top of the world tearing up New Japan and Ring of Honor, but they're also making the best dang videos of anyone around. And they're sure to keep pissing off people who are way too uptight about pro wrestling.

The last few times we saw videos from the Elite, they were doing some D-Xerciseschallenging the New Day to fights and holding "press conferences" to warble their way through Pink songs. Now they're in a bad way. The only way to cure what ails you is to hang up the boots, you know. It's just science.

Raise your glass to the Elite. And congrats to Nick on his divorce. He really, REALLY hated his family, you know.

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