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Watch the 105-minute Trevor Lee vs. Roy Wilkins match in its entirety

This epic bout is already one of the most talked-about matches of the year. Now you can watch it in its entirety.

On Feb. 27, arch rivals Trevor Lee and Roy Wilkins met in a match for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship. It was a no-disqualification, no-countout match with the added stipulation that if Lee failed to capture the title, he would have to leave his home promotion of CWF, forever. What no one in attendance expected is that the match would end up going an unbelievable 105 minutes.

Lee and Wilkins are no stranger to epic matches -- they went toe-to-toe in a 45-minute no ropes match in CWF Mid-Atlantic in 2014, for example -- but this took things to another level. From the moment the match was finished, the fans in attendance started talking about it. Then word spread throughout the Internet quickly.

The praise from those who witnessed it live was significant. Dustin Spencer of Making Towns shared his complete thoughts on what he considered one of the best matches he's ever seen via Twitter. Sophia Moon of Breaking Wrestling News called it "the most amazing live experience I have ever had."

Now, luckily for wrestling fans everywhere, CWF has uploaded the match in its entirety in Episode 43 of the promotion's Worldwide series. You can watch that entire episode above. The hype for this one will only get louder as more and more people are able to watch the match.

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