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The Young Bucks ‘feel like we have a lot of power’ in upcoming contract talks with Ring of Honor, others

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The Young Bucks Wikimedia Commons

During an interview with Busted Open Radio, The Young Bucks confirmed their contract with Ring of Honor will be expiring at the end of the year. They’ll be listening to offers and, as they put it, they’re in a great position.

"Our current contract expires on December 31. These are our final shows for Ring of Honor for the year… Philadelphia could be, who knows? We don't know. There are offers on the table. We're in a good spot right now. We're in a really great position where we feel like we have a lot of power. We know that we're probably the top act here, or at least one of them... ... A lot of people want us, so it's cool, and we're happy. We're happy to be, we're humble to be in the position we're in, we have families, first and foremost. We want to get what we feel like we deserve and we want to be able to come home and feed our children at the end of the day. That's the game plan, just getting what we feel like we deserve."

It was just days ago reports made the rounds that Ring of Honor offered them new contracts that would lock them down for the next few years. There are other offers on the table and, of course, rumors persist that WWE has interest in the duo. They’ve proven they can get by just fine without Vince McMahon and company, so it’s certainly possible they stick with what’s been working for them for so long.

Stay tuned.

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