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Watch Finn Balor attack Drew Galloway on indie iPPV

Before he was Raw General Manager, Mick Foley booked an appearance for the U.K.’s Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW)’s Fear & Loathing IX event on Sunday, Nov. 20. Now that he’s got leadership responsibilities for Team Red, he couldn’t make the trip to Glasgow, but WWE wanted to make good on the commitment and offered to send someone very familiar to ICW and wrestling fans across the pond - Finn Balor.

The first ever Universal champion was booked in a special guest enforcer for the show, and an important role since it featured a battle for control of ICW. And it turned out to be key, since the Demon King not only appeared during the battle between Team Dallas & Team Black Label, but took out Black Label’s Drew Galloway!

This is very interesting for a couple reasons:

1) WWE Superstars appearing at independent shows, like Sami Zayn and William Regal’s appearances at Evolve, are often for the live crowd only. Balor cut a pre-show promo that wasn’t part of the internet pay-per-view (PPV), but the segment above was broadcast.

2) Sure, it’s just a worked swing of a bat/pipe, but that he did anything physical will trigger speculation the former NXT champ’s return to Raw might be a little closer than he’s hinted. Finn ruled out Roadblock, but what about Royal Rumble...

What do you make of this, Cagesiders?

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