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AAA jumps into U.S. PPV market with Triplemanía XXIII

AAA on YouTube

One of the two big players in the Mexican pro wrestling space is making a move into the United States in a few weeks, as AAA announced today that their Triplemanía show will be available in the rest of North America on traditional pay-per-view (PPV) and with English language commentary.

The 23rd annual Triplemanía is the promotions biggest show of the year - their WrestleMania, as the saying goes. By bringing their flagship event to the U.S. and Canada, AAA is following in New Japan Pro Wrestling's footsteps. However, unlike January's Wrestle Kingdom 9, the Mexican company is doing so without an intermediary to produce the English broadcast, as NJPW did with Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling (GFW).

AAA is listed as a GFW partner, and they're a primary backer of El Rey Network's Lucha Underground. Their press release doesn't mention who will providing the commentary for this version of the show, but LU and WK9 play-by-play man Matt Striker seems like a safe bet. Whether or not his partner from El Rey, Vampiro, joins him may depend on his kayfabe status coming out of Ultima Lucha - LU's own WrestleMania-type show, set to air four days before Triplemanía on August 5

Here's the official press release, with ordering information:



NEW YORK AND MEXICO CITY — Today, AAA, the world's leading Lucha Libre organization, announced that its biggest event of the year, TRIPLEMANÍA, will air live on pay-per-view in the U.S. and Canada. The event has a special start time of 7pm ET / 6pm CT on Sunday August 9th.

The event will be available on iN DEMAND (including all major American cable systems and Rogers Communications in Canada), DirecTV, Dish Network as well as Bell Canada Satellite. A full list of U.S./Canadian carriers can be found at:

The event will feature English commentary and has a suggested price of $29.95 in High-Definition and $19.95 in Standard.

Since 1992, Triplemanía has been the stage for some of Lucha Libre's most spectacular rivalries and matches and this year is no different. For the first-time ever, Rey Mysterio Jr. will wrestle Myzteziz in a dream match between two of the most gifted and iconic masked luchadores of this era.

In a match fueled by national pride, AAA Mega Champion Alberto El Patron defends the honor of Mexico against America's Brian Cage in a hair match.

"We hope that all of our viewers will enjoy the high pace lucha that AAA has to offer. It is exciting times for Lucha in North American and AAA wants to give to the audience a new option in the wrestling industry," AAA General Manager Joaquín Roldán said.

"AAA is one of the hottest Latin sports media brands with a growing global presence. Triplemanía XXIII on pay-per-view is a major step for AAA's global strategy. What better way to enter the U.S. and Canadian pay-per-view market than with this very special event" said Court Bauer, Executive Producer for Triplemanía XXIII.

This marks the first time that Triplemanía will be available live on pay-per-view. The event has previously been sold out 50,000+ capacity bullrings in major Mexican markets as well as in Tokyo and Chicago before capacity crowds. This year, the state-of-the-art Mexico City Arena (Arena Ciudad de México) will host the 23rd annual Triplemanía.

More information on additional matches, international access for the event broadcast and more will be available shortly.

Details on the card are thin at this point...surprisingly so for a show that's only two and half weeks away...but they are leading with big names for the North American market. Myzteziz was WWE's original Sin Cara, Alberto El Patron was Alberto Del Rio for Vince McMahon's company and Rey Mysterio is, well, Rey Mysterio. Brian Cage has been featured on Lucha Underground as Cage.

This move follows May's internet PPV of their Lucha Libre World Cup show. Will it lead to more AAA product coming into the U.S. and Canada? Will it have any bearing on Lucha Underground's future?

Most importantly, will any of you Cagesiders be ordering Triplemanía?

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