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Global Force Wrestling to have four divisions, still no television contract

Following up on last week's controversial reveal of the name for their new television show and the kick-off of the TNA "invasion" angle with Eric Young at a live event, Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling (GFW) made another big announcement today.

No, it still isn't news of where the Amped shows that will be filmed on July 24 will air.

It is that the promotion will have four divisions, for which it will crown four champions. It's not explicitly stated that any of these are the King of the Mountain belt that Double J won at Slammiversary and that Young stole in Wisconsin on Friday night, but that title did once go by the name of the new promotion's top prize, so...

GFW's divisions are:

Global title: The big kahuna, their world championship.

Women's title: That Jarrett didn't name it some double entendre about sex and/or in honor of his wife is the best thing I've heard about Global Force yet.

Tag team titles: For, you know, tag teams.

NEX*GEN title: Unclear is there are weight or longevity requirements on this, so we'll have to wait and see whether this will be a Cruiserweight or "Futures" division. Safe to assume that it will serve as secondary belt, but if that is more X-Division, Junior or Intercontinental is yet to be revealed. UPDATE: Jarrett says in a press release that this will focus on "up-and-comers", but still no word on what or if there is a way wrestlers are assigned that status.

Other than the ten-years-too-late attempt at trendiness represented by the name of the last division, there's nothing to deride here. Middle years TNA succeeded by simply booking with a similar set-up.

As with everything else GFW to date, though, we still need to see some meat on these bones to get a feel for what the company will be. A TV contract would be a great way to start...

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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