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Global Force Wrestling announces Chael Sonnen as analyst...and some wrestlers at roster reveal press conference

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Jeff Jarrett's latest wrestling promotion, Global Force Wrestling (GFW) has been accused of being vaporware. It's been mocked for scheduling a television taping before it had a TV deal. And fans have fantasy booked in as a 21st century NWA in lieu of an actual roster.

Double J sought to address some of those issues and get buzz going for his new brand at a press conference in Las Vegas today (May 6, 2015) at The Orleans, the casino/hotel/resort where the July 24th taping will take place. Jarrett and his wife Karen lead off with their biggest name, and while it's someone who has cut a promo or two in his day and a man who has speculated that he could cross over to pro wrestling, it's not a pro wrestler.

Chael Sonnen will serve as GFW's "expert analyst". The mixed martial artist and former foil to UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva brings name recognition, but his jump to GFW also comes after the 38 year old looks to be out of options in big time MMA after numerous failed performance enhancing drug tests.

"The American Gangster" then went on to announce two other names for the Jarretts, and they're international talents who both spent time in Vince McMahon's employ...PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) and Davey Boy Smith, Jr (David Hart Smith).

Living up to the Global part of their name, GFW also revealed that two members of New Japan's Bullet Club stable, the tag team of Karl Machine Gun Anderson and Doc Gallows, will also be a part of the July show.

But that was it.


GFW Tweeted the following image, adding Chris Mordetsky (Chris Masters), Lance Hoyt, Lei'D Tapa, Thea Trinidad, Quinn "Moose" Ojinnaka and Seiya Sanada to the crew.

A press release quotes Jarrett as saying, "We have slowly but steadily been building toward this day. The feedback I have received in my international travels has been off the charts. Fans are ready for the reveal of the entire GFW roster and they're eager for their voices to be heard!"

On his new announcer, the founder said, "Chael Sonnen is someone we've talked about for a long time. He's not one to shy from speaking his mind, and we're all eager to see what he has to say about the GFW athletes."

It's something where for more than a year we had nothing, and Chael is a name that the Las Vegas media and fight fans will recognize, but outisde of that, it's hard to see how any of these names will generate much goodwill among wrestling fans. There's no word on when more announcements - about either talent or where/when the shows will air - will be forthcoming.

Does Sonnen calling wrestling do much for you? Are the names revealed today something that motivates you to hear more about GFW?

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