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Report: Scott Hall kicked out of wrestling event after falling off the wagon

Miguel Discart at Wikimedia Commons

Damn it.

The bloodhounds at TMZ are reporting that WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall has fallen off the wagon again. This time, it was at a pro wrestling show in New Jersey over the weekend. It was bad enough that the promoter of the event had Hall escorted out of the building by security after Hall demanded payment despite showing up in no condition to perform.

The promoter also commented:

"The event was too well run for us to make a fool of ourselves by allowing him to appear. We will no longer be associated with him until he gets his life in order."

When Hall hooked up with Diamond Dallas Page after an intervention in 2013, he turned his life around enough that WWE inducted him into the Hall of Fame in 2014 and has worked with him ever since. Sadly, he's still struggling with the demons that accompany decades of addiction.

This comes just days after it was announced Hall would be joining Global Force Wrestling.

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