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CJ Parker books first post-WWE NXT bout

Those wondering what was next for CJ Parker following his amicable release from WWE, or those anxious to see him wrestle elsewhere (including his many fans in the NXT locker room) didn't have to wait long.

Working under the name CJP, he will debut for CZW on Saturday, April 11th in their Best of the Best tournament. The event takes place in the promotion's usual home of Flyers Skate Zone in Vorhees, New Jersey. CJP will take part in one of four first round three-way matches, facing off against Joey Janela and CZW Wired champ Joe Gacy.

This is the 14th annual Best of the Best tournament.  While the promotion (whose acronym stands for Combat Zone Wrestling) is mostly known for hardcore bouts, they do not exclusively focus on what they call "ultraviolent" matches, and Best of the Best is usually the place where they highlight more technical or high-flying styles.

CZW's most famous alumni are Dean Ambrose (who worked there as Jon Moxley) and Solomon Crowe (Sami Callihan), and most independent superstars have passed through the company during its decade and a half of existence. Though they record their shows for DVD and streaming, they are a tier below Ring of Honor or the Gabe Sapolsky-booked shows like Evolve.

That the man we loved to hate on NXT is taking this as his first post-WWE gig is probably partly due to their having a quick opening, and partly an indication that CJP has a long road ahead of him despite his history with the biggest pro wrestling company in the world.

Good luck, CJP. You can get tickets or order the stream here. Anybody gonna be there in NJ, or watching at home?

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