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Rey Mysterio makes a surprise appearance for Tommy Dreamer, but still might be headed for a legal showdown with WWE

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Tommy Dreamer's promotion has been known to bring in a disgruntled ex-WWE wrestler or two its time, and this past Saturday at House of Hardcore VIII, that trend continued with Rey Mysterio.

The now AAA-affiliated Mysterio ran in to save Dreamer during a post-match assault by the TNA duo of Eric Young and Ethan Carter III.  Thanks to Twitter, here's some a pic and a clip of Rey at the Philadelphia show:

Particularly enjoy Eric Young's sell of the 619 in that video clip...very Shawn Michaels-esque.  You can enjoy the entire show on internet pay-per-view (iPPV) replay at this link.

Unfortunately for the San Diego native, his run of good news may be ending.  According to The Wrestling Observer, Rey is most likely headed to a legal showdown with WWE - despite the fact that his contract with Vince McMahon's organization has ended.

That's because WWE reportedly owns the name Rey Mysterio and its use for licensing or promoting anything related to professional wrestling.  This is most likely a primary reason why he's been announced by AAA as Rey Mysterio, Jr. and for other events as Rey Misterio.  He does have a nightclub appearancer lined up for WrestleMania weekend lined up that's being advertised as Rey Mysterio.

A legal fight with WWE over the name, as well as the image and likeness reported owned by the company, would cut into the reported $20,000 appearance fee Rey has been getting.

We reported last summer that Oscar Gutierrez (the real name of the performer who works as Mysterio) had stopped cashing WWE's checks when McMahon unilaterally extended his contract.  At the time, that move looked like preparation for a legal fight to earn his release.  Even having officially parted ways with the company, it may have still been a useful move, as legal fight appears to be looming regardless.

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