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Tommy Dreamer says he wanted a sniper to shoot him for an ECW angle

Tommy Dreamer is doing media to promote House of Hardcore 10 and 11 on Nov. 13 and 14, and that includes the above video where Bleacher Report asks if there was ever a moment in ECW where he thought they were going to go too far.

His batshit insane response:

"In our politically correct world that we live in, no. You're talking to someone who actually wanted to get shot for real in ECW because I was hardcore, I could take a bullet. I wanted to hire a sniper and get shot, grazed this way (in the shoulder). Me and Paul (Heyman) were arguing about it for a long, long time and this was during the whole Todd Gordon WCW mole story. And I wanted to come back... we would have gotten national news if Tommy Dreamer got shot. This was before the whole internet... We were going to hire a sniper. So, anyway, me and Paul are going back and forth and he's like 'what if a bullet hits a fan? What if it shoots through your shoulder, goes somewhere else?' Again, not caring that I want to get shot but caring about if we hurt or injure or possibly shoot or kill a fan. And the voice of reason for this insane argument and this, seriously, this really did happen, was Terry Funk. He was like 'it will never work, it will never work.' And Paul was like 'thank you, thank you.' And (Terry) goes 'when my father got shot in Amarillo, the house went down.' And I was like 'what?!?' Because I was a guy who always wanted to do something first. His father got shot on television with a .22 and then they came back in a Texas Death Match. He goes 'if you don't come back and kill the guy that shot you the fans don't believe in it.' So that's why we never did it. Think of that crazy mentality, wrestling fans. I'm hardcore, I wanted to get shot."

I was going to say you know something has gone terribly wrong when Terry Funk is the voice of reason but the reality is there was no voice of reason in ECW and, really, wasn't that the appeal?

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