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One of Kevin Steen's last indy matches is against...Jerry Lawler? That and more at weird, wonderful independent show

Northeast Wrestling (NEW) hosts its Wrestling Under the Stars 3 event tonight at Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill, New York. We told you about the headliner for this show, a dream match between Jeff & Matt Hardy, The Hardy Boyz, and Mat & Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks, when it was announced back in May.  That should be an awesome show in and of itself, but since we last check in with NEW - this card has become...something else.

Having wrapped up his run with the company he is most closely associated with, Ring of Honor (ROH), a lot of folks assume that Kevin Steen is following KENTA and Prince Devitt to the WWE Performance Center and a run at NXT.  Well, not before he takes care of some unfinished business against...a sixty-four year old current WWE employee?

Mr. Wrestling will square of against the King, Jerry Lawler, in Fishkill tonight in a Piledriver vs. Piledriver match.  I guess Lawler can give the main roster team a scouting report, and Steen can use one of signature moves one last time before going to a company where it's banned.

Here are promos from the two men hyping tonight's showdown.  Lawler all but says "welcome to the WWE, son".  And, if nothing else, it's a reminder that Jerry is a heck of a talker when not playing the creepy clown he so often is at Raw's announce table...

But there's more! NEW seems to have good relationships with a lot of ROH and WWE stars, and maybe the companies themselves, based on how full this card and their website is with names who toil for those promotions on the regular.  They might be worth watching for that reason, in addition to what should be some hot matches and the chance to see ex-WWE talents like Matt Sydal (Evan Borne) and Monster BC (Brodus Clay).

Here's the full card:

- The Young Bucks vs. The Hardy Boyz

- Piledriver vs. Piledriver: Jerry Lawler vs. Kevin Steen

- Bret Hart will be appearing for an in-ring interview

- Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) vs. NEW Champion Brian Anthony vs. Caleb Konley

- Matt Taven with Kasey Ray vs. Mike Bennett with Maria Kanellis

- J Busta w/ The Platinum Entourage vs. Monster BC (Brodus Clay) with Booker T.

- Velvet Sky, Robbie "The Giant" Araujo and Mark Shurman vs. Reby Sky, Shovelhead Chuck and "The Manscout" Jake Manning.

- Booker T's Reality of Wresting Star: Sergei Volkov vs. Romeo Roselli

- Joe Ausanio vs. Dan De Man

Tickets are still available at the box office, for anyone in the area.  The show starts at 7PM Eastern.


Is this Steen's last hurray before reporting for duty in Orlando?

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