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Scott Hall's reputation on the indy wrestling scene continues to take a battering

The latest appearances by Scott Hall on the independent wrestling circuit have led to complaints about his attitude and reports of him being late and in very rough shape.

Bad times continue for The Bad Guy
Bad times continue for The Bad Guy
Mandy Coombes of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

Scott Hall's road to recovery after decades of alcoholism and substance abuse problems continues to be a rocky one. That should obviously have been expected given the lengthy timescale of his personal issues, but it's still sad to hear about after the intervention of Diamond Dallas Page last year turned his life around to the point that WWE finally felt safe to induct him as Razor Ramon into their Hall Of Fame this April.

However, since that highpoint, the news regarding Scott Hall has not been so positive. Last month, Hall pulled out of appearing at a wrestling convention at the last minute when he refused to get out of bed to make the booking, as he was in a dark place, both mentally and physically.

A few days later, he checked himself into hospital, looking in rough shape, but was soon discharged with a clean bill of health after undergoing a series of medical tests.

Needing the money, Hall quickly returned to making his dates on the independent wrestling scene, but his performances have left a lot to be desired.

So upset with Scott Hall's attitude when he managed his son Cody on June 7th, Northeast Wrestling promoter Mike O’Brien vowed never to use him again, according to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

Don’t expect Scott Hall to be used going forward by Northeast Wrestling. Promoter Mike O’Brien said, "Scott Hall was his old self (he worked for the group a week ago). Not his physical condition, but a real cocky asshole. You give everyone a shot. Safe to say you won’t be seeing me book him or his dangerous, green son again."

According to Dave Meltzer, this weekend there were complaints about him turning up very late for an autograph signing and being in bad shape when he got there:

"We've had another bad weekend report of Scott Hall, who was in very rough shape and reportedly was 90 minutes late for his autograph signing. I hope he gets it together. There was a lot of heat last week on the report of him, although he was not in rough shape, but other issues. Promoters who book him should at least know you are responsible, because if you book him and there are problems, you knew what you were getting."

Unfortunately, this seems to be a vicious cycle. The best thing for Scott Hall's health would be to stay at home and concentrate on getting better. But with healthcare being so expensive in the United States, that's likely something he can't afford to do. There doesn't seem to be an obvious solution to this problem other than hoping Hall can gut it out and isn't consumed by his old demons again.

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