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Jeff Jarrett accused of being drunk and disorderly at Ian Rotten indy show

Jeff Jarrett gets stiffed on pay by Ian Rotten, fireworks ensue. An indy storm in a teacup, sure? But Double J needs to be above such petty BS if his new Global Force Wrestling promotion is to succeed.

This wasn't the publicity the Jarretts wanted as they build their new promotion
This wasn't the publicity the Jarretts wanted as they build their new promotion

One week after Jeff Jarrett announced the name of his new wrestling promotion, Global Force Wrestling, he's back in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Dr. Jerry Wiseman of The Examiner reported earlier today that Jarrett was sent into an expletive filled rage when he was informed that half of his agreed payoff would be paid a few days late for his performance at an IWA Mid South independent wrestling show in Clarkesville, Indiana on Sunday night, which was ran by the infamous Ian Rotten.

Directing his anger at Rotten's 17 year old son, John Calvin, Jarrett is alleged to have either slapped Calvin with his glasses falling off in the process or snatched them off his face and attempted to "hold them hostage to the point of breaking them," before calming down. Rotten also accused both Jeff and Karen Jarrett of being intoxicated at the show in The Examiner article, whilst one anonymous wrestler claimed that Karen was encouraging his bad behaviour:

"Jeff and Karen Jarrett were both intoxicated," promoter Ian Rotten said. "I have a locker room full of people to back me up on that...."

One wrestler, who asked not to be identified, said Jarrett was "out of control" at one point and that Karen Jarrett was almost egging him on by threatening to go to the ring while wrestler Drake Younger was doing an interview to interrupt and "expose" Rotten.

Since The Examiner story was published, Rotten has issued the following statement about the incident through his Facebook page:

"So, I will address the 500 lb elephant in the room in full.

Jeff Jarrett was paid half of his money tonight and was told he would get the rest of it in 2 or 3 days as through one way or another, or just plain stupidity, we forgot to get the advance money out of PayPal. I know it sounds incredibly stupid, but it occurred. Am I embarrassed about it? Yes, but a very intoxicated Jeff Jarrett's actions to follow would be absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for. INCLUDING knocking the glasses off of John Calvin's face, taking said glasses, and for a time period threatening to not give them back and break them. Screaming at numerous people in the dressing room that it was their fault, they were behind it like some paranoid coked out raging idiot. Not saying he WAS coked out, but I will say he was drunk, him and Karen both and I have a locker room full of people that will back me up on it.

Jeff Jarrett will get his money in a couple days as promised, then he can spend it on a defense attorney as I will be going to the sheriff's department to swear a warrant out on him tomorrow for assault on a minor. This was not some wrestling angle or anything of that nature, and he had no right to take it out on anyone else but me. Don't get me wrong, I was wrong. We should have had that taken care of, but Jeff's actions after that along with Karen insisting on going out to the ring to interrupt Drake's speech was absolutely despicable. That is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

I imagine all the talk about pressing charges is just an attempt by Rotten to babyface himself in the local wrestling community after the bad publicity of him still being up to his old shady tricks.

Wiseman did a good job of summarising Rotten's past history of being a promoter who couldn't be trusted with money:

The IWA Mid-South had seen somewhat of a resurgence of late drawing consistent, yet not great, crowds in southern Indiana but still the rumors of wrestlers not being paid or paid what was promised still hounded Rotten.

"He is never going change brother, hell, he still owes me $50 from a show," an indie veteran said.

There is not only one to be owed money, a number of other indie superstars have once again vowed never to work for Rotten again after not getting what they had been promised.

You really have to question Jarrett's judgement in working with such a known conman, even though it gave him the opportunity to scout talent for the GFW, and reacting so badly when he got stiffed on pay as expected. He needs to be above such petty indy wrestling BS.

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