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Here's Dario Cueto saying "LADDER MATCH" for almost 23 minutes to remind you that Lucha Undergound will have an uninterrupted three-way main event tonight

If you haven't been watching Lucha Undergound on El Rey Network, hopefully it's because you either don't get the channel or hate fun, because those are the only two good excuses for pro wrestling fans to be missing out on one of the best hours of television we're getting these days.

Cagesider Manolo Has Pizzazz has been doing a bang-up job recapping the show, and the Network releases a full match from each show to whet your appetite for fact, here's a playlist of all six to date.

The reason for the nearly 23 minutes of "owner" Dario Cueto announcing the December 10th main event in his deliciously evil, over-the-top style is because said main is promised to be an uninterrupted ladder match of the same length, with a briefcase containing $100,000 hanging from the rafters of "his Temple".

Johnny Mundo (who in WWE was Johnny Nitro and John Morrison), Prince Puma (indy star Richochet) and Big Ryck (WWE's Ezekial Jackson) have been dancing around each other since the debut episode, and their issues have lead to this battle tonight. The main events from October 29th, November 5th and November 26th largely tell the tale of the feud, but you really need to see the full episodes and the telenovella/grindhouse backstage vignettes that give LU its distinctive look and feel to get the whole story.

Episode seven, "The Top of the Ladder", airs tonight at 8PM Eastern on El Rey; find out if you have El Rey by visiting their site here.

Who's tuning in tonight for a LADDER MATCH! (Whoa)

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