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Ronda Rousey gets involved in the action at Pro Wrestling Guerilla show

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Olympic medalist, UFC bantamweight champ and Hollywood actress Ronda Rousey's flirtation with pro wrestling is well documented on this website and many others.  Despite being backstage at WWE SummerSlambreaking up her mixed martial arts training by laying out a few spots and just generally being one of the form's biggest fangirls, Rowdy hadn't gotten involved in a pro wrestling match.

Until this past Friday night at Pro Wrestling Guerilla (PWG)'s Reseda, California show.

As reported by TMZ, Rousey and members of her posse - who refer to themselves as "The Four Horsewomen" in honor of Ric Flair's old stables - took in the show.  Like her time at WWE's Los Angeles pay-per-view, she was more than happy to take pictures with fans and wrestlers alike (the photo accompanying this post is from internet reporter and fan Michael Mardones' Instagram).  At the PWG show, however, she took things a step further.

Working their way over to where Rousey, Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke were seated on the floor, Sicilian Psychopath Tommaso Ciampa urged the champ to deliver some Flair chops to his opponent, Biff Busick.  After some initial hesitation, and at the urging of the packed American Legion Post crowd, the Expendables 3 star reared back and left her mark on Busick's chest.

She tweeted about her experience after the show:

In the end, this was just a bit of fun for a fan (and phenomenal promotion for a West Coast independent company that is beloved by hardcore fans but unknown to the masses).

But with Rousey having previously stated an interest in working in pro wrestling and expressing concern about her post-MMA career, plus WWE's post-SummerSlam interest in having her follow Brock Lesnar's lead from the octagon to the squared circle - Ronda's night in the indy's will only continue to fuel hopes and speculation that she might one day lace 'em up for some scripted grappling.

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