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National Pro Wrestling Day 2014 Preview

National Pro Wrestling Day makes a return and this year it's free!

After the success of the experiment last year, National Pro Wrestling Day is back and free in 2014. You read that right: F-R-E-E!  In lieu of charging for admittance and access to the stream, the organizers ask that you make a donation in support of Against Malaria.

So what kind of return will you be getting on your investment of zero dollars?

Announced matches:

  • 2/3 Falls Match: Colt Cabana vs Drew Gulak
  • Eddie Kingston vs Francis O'Rourke
  • Mike Bennet w/ Maria Kanelis vs Hallowicked
  • Trios Action: The Baltic Siege vs The Polar Baron's Bloc Party
  • La Copa Idola: Heidi Lovelace vs Joe Pittman
  • Juan Francisco Coronado vs Shynron
  • No DQ: Sonjay Dutt vs Eric Corvis
Scheduled to appear but not officially booked yet: The Colony and Los Ice Creams.

Beside the great action for your lack of money, the possibility of advancement in the death and possible resurrection of CHIKARA casts a shadow over the event.  Multiple story threads in the CHIKARAverse have been picking up steam (Ashes, the destruction of various Wrestling Is promotions at the hands of dark forces, the Journey of Icarus) and may be coming to a head at NPWD.

Do you love pro wrestling? Do you love free stuff? If so, then join us tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET for the free YouTube stream of National Pro Wrestling Day 2014.