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WWNLive promotions will not be a part of Wrestlecon 2014

Gabe Sapolsky and crew will not be taking part in Wrestlecon 2014, but they do have other plans in mind.

Gabe Sapolsky Twitter

Wrestlecon has taken a major hit as the Gabe Sapolsky has announced that the WWNLive family of promotions will not be participating in 2014's edition of Wrestlecon. For major fans of promotions such as DGUSA, EVOLVE, and SHINE: fear not! Sapolsky has plans for the promotions during the WrestleMania weekend.

Here is the announcement from the latest edition of WWNLive Alerts:

We are still putting together the final details, but since we are getting asked a lot we want to clarify something about Wrestlemania weekend in New Orleans. Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, SHIMMER and Kaiju Big Battel will not be a part of Wrestlecon in 2014. There are no bad feelings between the two parties, it simply did not make business sense for the WWNLive family to have live events in Wrestlecon's venue. However, the tradition will continue in New Orleans because we will introduce the WWNLive Experience. This will be a series of live events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of that weekend featuring DGUSA, EVOLVE, SHIMMER, Kaiju Big Battel and other promotions. We will have news on the location and schedule in the near future.

The WWNLive promotions provided some of the best cards at the most recent Wrestlecon and a move to their own weekend set of cards is interesting to say the least. What do you think of the move, Cagesiders?

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