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It’s in the graps

It’s a big tournament weekend for y’all with wXw and BLP both running, plus GCW visits Germany and more! C’mon and find something new to watch!

Here are some of the names reportedly trying out at the WWE PC this week

Former MLW star Richard Holliday is probably the most well-known talent said to be getting a look in Orlando this week, but there are several names you’ll recognize on the list.

Tweets of the Week: Boogs impresses The Rock, Big E’s glee, more!

Catch up on all the fun of social media with none of the headache.

Here’s all our gratitude for Der Ring General... GUNTHER

Ludwig Kaiser demands it, and we made delivered it via our Community Wrestler Rankings after Gunther became the longest reigning WWE Intercontinental champ in history. But it’s a new week, and your vote will give us a new top 10!

Roman Reigns loses the top spot in the PWI 500 to another member of The Shield

Roman’s part-time status means he’s no longer the best wrestler in the world.

Lightning to the nations

JLIT is back, GCW are going to ol’ Blighty, and more this week in Sermon on the Mat! C’mon and find something new to watch, folks!

Sonny Kiss on the end of her AEW run: ‘I would beg sometimes to go to TV’

Tony Khan indicated that lack of television time was a factor in the decision to not renew the AEW original’s contract, and she says she did everything she could to address that.

Rumor Roundup: Matt Riddle, WWE Raw changes, Vince McMahon, more!

The latest rumors, including Riddle off several WWE shows after his involvement in an incident at JFK over the weekend, the return of late changes to Raw, whether that had anything to do with this being the last show produced by a McMahon-owned WWE, and more!

Sonny Kiss reflects on her time in AEW after departure

The AEW original shared a statement online about a week after Tony Khan confirmed her contract wasn’t renewed.

NWA Powerrr recap: EC3 speaks for first time as worlds champ in new era

It’s the ushering in of a new era.

Thank you, Becky & Trish

Their WWE Payback Steel Cage match overshadowed a lackluster feud, and helped them edge out new AEW Women’s champ Saraya in our latest Community Wrestler Rankings. But it’s a new week, and your vote will give us a new top 10!

Velvet Sky leaves the NWA

She had been doing commentary for the promotion.

Snitsky tries to punt Microman in MLW

His name is a little different (WWE must own the ‘t’), but Snisky is still down to kick smaller humans as far as he can.

ROH: Ring of Honor

Jacob Fatu calls out Minoru Suzuki for a fight in MLW

The Samoan Werewolf called out Murder Grandpa for a match at Slaughterhouse.


H2O are feeling a little Mania and more this week! C’mon and find something new to watch!

NWA chooses a weird name for its next PPV

They’re going Gaelic.

MLW Fury Road recap: Willie Mack earns respect from the world champ

Let’s get you caught up on that, and everything that happened at their Sept. 3 PPV.

Matt Cardona won Kiss My Foot match in MLW debut, doesn’t receive prize

MSL cheated to ensure victory for the Deathmatch King at Dury road, so Mance Warner bit his plump foot rather than put his lips on anything.

MLW reveals next NJPW wrestler coming over in partnership

Murder Grandpa Minoru Suzuki is coming to the appropriately named Slaughterhouse event in Philadelphia next month.

Salina de la Renta returns to MLW

As of Fury Road, the bruja is back.

Jacob Fatu lost his MLW title in Weapons of Mass Destruction match

The Samoan Werewolf took a silver bullet at Fury Road on Sunday night.

Tweets of the Week: MJF happy to be home, Emma sitting on Devil’s Bridge, more!

Different day thanks to the U.S. holiday and busy PPV weekend. Same great social media fun with your favorite wrestlers.

Shooooosh! We’re celebrating Chad Gable over here

With the top spot in our Community Wrestler Rankings, for being the first man to beat Gunther on the main roster (countouts count, thank yeeew). But it’s a new week, and your vote will give us a new top 10!

Mox squeezed a deathmatch run-in into his busy All Out weekend schedule

The AEW star wrestled twice already this week, including in All In’s brutal Wembley Stadium Stampede. He’s got appearances lined up before challenging Orange Cassidy on Sunday. But he’s always got time to help a friend in an indie hardcore match.

Rumor Roundup: Payback title matches, AEW crowd revolt fears, Cena/Angle, more!

The latest rumors, including a good sign for WWE’s champions, worries that the latest CM Punk drama could make for a rough weekend in Chicago, why a logical Kurt Angle retirement match didn’t happen, and more!

MLW Fusion recap: Watch Alex Kane win world title from Hammerstone

As they get us ready for Kane’s defense against Willie Mack at Fury Road, we finally get a free look at how the Bomaye big man ended the previous champ’s long reign.

Jesse Ventura pays tribute to Terry Funk

‘The Body’ offers kind words and a personal anecdote about the legend we lost last week.

A gay ol’ time

GCW are running a double header with a splash of gay and more this week. C’mon and find something new to watch!

NWA 75 recap & reactions: Eight new champions

Billy Corgan & team brought us an eventful weekend of shows from St. Louis. Catch up on everything that went down and discuss it all here!

Matt Cardona’s NWA 75 open challenge answered by 67-year-old ‘rookie’

He still knew how to Rock ‘N’ Roll, though.

Tweets of the Week: Cardona Ghostbusters homage, Morrison surprise attack, more!

Late this week, but there’s been a lot going on. And it’s never too late for wrestlers having fun on the interwebs.


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