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Incoming TNA president issues statement on D’Amore’s exit & his new role

The news earlier today (Feb. 7) that Anthem terminated the contract of TNA president Scott D’Amore and replaced him with the head of their entertainment division Anthony Cicione hasn’t been taken particular well by the promotion’s fans or its roster.

In an attempt to address that, Cicione’s issued the following statement to several outlets. He’s very complimentary of D’Amore and the wrestlers & crew of TNA, and talks a little bit about why the move was made and what it was designed to accomplish. While the talent may like talk of growing the business, we doubt Cicione’s talk of operational efficiency will rally the troops.

But read what he said and judge for yourself:

Statement from TNA Wrestling President Anthony Cicione

I am excited and honored to be the new President of TNA Wrestling, a company rich in tradition and loved by pro wrestling fans worldwide.

This move is intended to further integrate TNA Wrestling into the Entertainment Group of Anthem Sports & Entertainment as we work to leverage the resources of the entire company to add more value in areas such as production, distribution, marketing, viewership, customer acquisition, digital revenue streams, ad sales and sponsorships, and digital tech operations, among others.

Everyone at Anthem Sports & Entertainment is appreciative of and thankful for the years of dedication that Scott D’Amore gave to Anthem, and TNA Wrestling. Scott has been a part of TNA since 2003, holding many key roles. He played a vital role in the growth of the company and the evolution to its strong industry reputation today, including the 2024 return of the TNA Wrestling brand itself. I personally want to thank Scott for the passion he brought to the business and his personal touch with talent.

TNA Wrestling is in a position to take a big leap toward its next stage of growth and expansion. While we can create more operational efficiency the most exciting part is expanding existing revenue streams and developing new ones. Wrestling promotions have evolved from event driven businesses to global media enterprises.

I was in Las Vegas last month for both the Hard To Kill pay-per-view and the next night’s Snake Eyes show. Those were not just the two best pro wrestling shows I have attended, they were record-setting for TNA Wrestling on multiple fronts. That growth, expansion and popularity that thousands witnessed live and in-person in Las Vegas, and live on pay-per-view around the world, will continue in 2024. We have many exciting, groundbreaking announcements coming up over the next few months. Our momentum is continuing.

TNA Wrestling features an incredible roster of in-ring talent who will continue to shine and deliver incredible matches and moments. We have a behind-the-scenes crew and staff who are incredible at their jobs. Our business is being run by experienced professionals, and the fans will notice many improvements in the coming months. TNA’s success is attributable to its teamwork, and that team will continue to grow with more input from Anthem’s top executives, partners and others.

We know departures of well-respected executives can create uncertainty, but we are fully committed to this new business model. We are entering a new stage of growth. These changes bring together more leadership experience to help us elevate our operations.

Now, the statement is probably designed to address a number of different TNA and Anthem stakeholders, and likely plays better to sponsors and others in management. We’ll see how Cicione’s tenure goes from here.

It should be easy to improve on today’s rocky start.

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