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TNA Impact recap (Feb. 8, 2024): Sneak attacks, new alliances, and no mercy

The latest episode of TNA Impact (Feb. 8, 2024) offered a smorgasbord of tantalizing morsels to whet the appetite for things to come. There were sneak attacks, new alliances, and no mercy. Let’s break down the program from beginning to end.

The show was dedicated to Toby Keith (1961-2024).

Chris Sabin defeated John Skyler. The Motor City Machine Gun rallied to win via Cradle Shock. On a funny note, the Mastafa Ali campaign sponsored this match on screen with graphics and notations to show support by buying his merchandise.

Alex Shelley has his shot at Moose for the TNA World Championship at No Surrender on February 23. In the meantime, he has a match against Eddie Edwards. Shelley is going to test the System’s team dynamics to see if the whole thing crashes if he takes out one component.

Tasha Steelz defeated Xia Brookside. This rematch has been brewing since Brookside earned an upset victory over Steelz. The Boricua Badass vowed that it wouldn’t happen again, and she was right. Steelz went in to win by any means necessary, which included grabbing the tights for the winning pin off a sunset flip roll.

Last week, the Grizzled Young Veterans won match 1 in the best of 3 series against ABC (full match video). James Drake cheated to choke Ace Austin with a scarf. GYV pounced for the Grit Your Teeth finisher. This week, GYV tipped the scales even further in their favor by smashing Ace’s arm backstage.

Last week, Frankie Kazarian explained his heel turn. He has given everything to the business over the past 25 years only to watch lesser talent receive opportunities that he deserved. That ends now. Kaz will be taking what belongs to him. He delivered a good promo that is worth watching if you are interested in his story. Kaz’s reasons delved deeper than that brief explanation.

This week, Jake Something confronted Frankie in the hallways. Harsh words were exchanged leading to the tease of a future match.

Zachary Wentz defeated Mike Bailey. Speedball was in the groove ready to finish when Trey Miguel interfered. Wentz took advantage to win via cutter. Afterward, the Rascalz put the boots to Bailey. Trent Seven arrived for the surprise save. Steve Maclin rushed in to help his wicked new allies. Nic Nemeth was last on the scene clearing the ring with superkicks. Battle lines have been drawn with Nemeth, Bailey, and Seven across from Maclin and the Rascalz.

Crazzy Steve attacked Rhino on the Xplosion secondary show. Steve plans to add Rhino as a notch on his TNA Digital Media Championship belt. Rhino offered a fierce rebuttal. He plans to make Steve feel so much pain that he will beg for mercy. Rhino still won’t stop and will rip Steve in half. Fiery promo from an angry Rhino.

Trinity & Jordynne Grace defeated Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans. Jai Vidal was ringside to interfere, so Grace ejected Shaw from the ring to land on top of Vidal. The Juggernaut unloaded a spinning backfist to Evans. That set up Trinity to win via Starstruck submission in her final TNA match. (Full details here.)

After the show, Gisele fired her associates. Evans requested a second chance, so Shaw ordered a hit on Grace. Shaw is in line to challenge Grace for the Knockouts Championship at No Surrender.

Deaner was caught in the middle of the budding feud between “Top Dolla” AJ Francis and Joe Hendry.

Kon defeated Richard Adonis & Ori Gold. Kon is out to prove that he is the baddest man in TNA. The handicap match was swift victory, then Kon snapped both their necks. PCO arrived for a hoss fight brawl. (Full details here.)

Josh Alexander defeated Alan Angels. The Walking Weapon taught Angels a lesson to win via ankle lock. After the match, Alexander was attacked by a fan, who turned out to be Simon Gotch. (Full details here.)

Ash by Elegance speaks next week.

Alex Shelley defeated Eddie Edwards. Shelley was focused on picking Edwards apart piece by piece. Shelley operated in peak form to dissect his opponent. In the end, Shelley ducked a Boston Knee Party to counter for a roll-up to win. Brian Myers immediately attacked after the match. That brought out Kushida and Kevin Knight to support Shelley and stand tall.

After the show, TNA added a No Surrender stipulation to the world title fight between Moose and Shelley. The idea is the match can only finish when a teammate throws in the towel. (Full details here.)

That’s a wrap on the TNA Impact recap. Share your thoughts on the show.

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