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Ash by Elegance (aka Dana Brooke) returns with third TNA vignette

For the third week in a row, Ash by Elegance (aka Dana Brooke) graced the TNA screen for a vignette. The first was a whisper carried upon the breeze. The second was a teardrop shimmering as it falls. The latest installment in hyping Ash by Elegance is a diamond infinitely enrapturing.

She is Ash by Elegance, as seen on Thursday Night’s episode of Impact (Feb. 1, 2024).

She is a diamond infinitely enrapturing. (“Ash” echo effect.) Her facets flawless, pure, and iridescent. Endless dimensions of an enigma. (“Ash” echo.) She is of the earth, of the sky, undeniable, irresistible, unforgettable. She is Ash (“Ash” echo) by Elegance.

TNA has yet to announce the debut match of Ash by Elegance. I’m starting to wonder if these vignettes will actually usher in a new essence of perfume for all to purchase. I have to assume it smells good. The Impact Zone could probably use a touch of elegance.

Are you still enraptured by the endless dimensions of the enigma known as Ash by Elegance?

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