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Nic Nemeth enters Danger Zone for TNA in-ring debut

Nic Nemeth has talked the talk since arriving in TNA. Now, it was time for him to walk the walk. Nemeth competed in his in-ring debut for TNA on Thursday night’s edition of Impact (Jan. 25, 2024).

Nemeth entered as a Wanted Man against Zachary Wentz. He wore a spiky black vest, gold pants with black skulls, and black boots.

Nemeth opened by showcasing his amateur wrestling skills to give Wentz fits. The Rascal was flanked by Trey Miguel on the outside. They played their tricks to help Wentz gain the advantage. Nemeth rallied with clotheslines, a neckbreaker, and a jumping elbow drop.

Wentz regained control when he suckered Nemeth into colliding with the ring post. Wentz executed a full nelson inside out slam, but it wasn’t enough to keep Nemeth down. Frustration was building for Wentz as he argued with the referee. Wentz went for a headlock driver, however, Nemeth countered for a backslide. With both back on their feet, Nemeth ducked a high kick to strike with the Danger Zone (Zig Zag) finisher to win.

Nemeth still had business to handle after the match. Trey went for a sneak attack, but Nemeth was ready with anticipation for the Danger Zone. Nemeth wasn’t ready for the ambush by Steve Maclin. Mr. Mayhem stomped Nemeth into the mat, but the wanted man had the last laugh for another Danger Zone.

One interesting note was Nemeth’s inability to connect on a superkick. He went for it at least three times, and Wentz was prepared to block or duck on each occasion. Nemeth never did land the superkick in this bout.

Next up for Nemeth is a match against Trey to air next week on Impact (spoilers).

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