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Trinity loses Knockouts Championship rematch

Trinity held the TNA Knockouts Championship for 182 days before being dethroned by Jordynne Grace at Hard to Kill. Trinity called for her contractual rematch, and that bout aired Thursday night on Impact (Jan. 25, 2023).

Trinity opened hot out of the gate. She wasn’t taking this opportunity for granted. Trinity slapped on the Starstruck submission early, but Grace was close to the ropes for a quick break. Trinity kept her foot on the gas pedal until Grace smashed her on a spinebuster.

Grace worked her power game for a superplex into a jackhammer.

Grace started getting chippy with taunts. Trinity felt the glow to rally with a full nelson bomb. Grace regrouped for a spinning backfist to stun the challenger. Despite a groggy noggin, Trinity was still able to play defense on Grace’s Juggernaut Driver attempt. The champion switched gears to go for a musclebuster, however, Trinity leaped over the top for a flying sunset flip. They rolled on the mat in a rapid exchange of roll-ups. Trinity locked in the Starstruck hold, but Grace swiftly stacked top position to earn the winning pin.

The night didn’t end there for Trinity and Grace. Gisele Shaw was looming large with the Ultimate X title shot.

While Trinity and Grace shook hands out of respect, the Shawntourage rushed the ring for an attack. The Quintessential Diva blasted Trinity and Grace with the steel red X, then she sent a special message to Trinity in the form of a running knee to the face.

Trinity don’t play that. She’ll be out for revenge. TNA already announced Trinity versus Shaw for last weekend’s TV taping (spoilers). Soon enough that bout will air for all to see.

How do you rate the Knockouts Championship rematch between Trinity and Jordynne Grace?

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