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Ash by Elegance (aka Dana Brooke) shows second TNA vignette

Ash by Elegance (aka Dana Brooke) made a splash with a surprise appearance in TNA at Hard to Kill. Last week, Ash premiered her debut vignette. It was so nice, that she did it twice. Ash showcased her second TNA vignette on Thursday Night’s episode of Impact (Jan. 25, 2024).

She is Ash by Elegance.

She is a teardrop shimmering and incandescent as it falls. (“Ash” echo effect.) Her form is perfect and complete, alluring in its movements, its mystery, its magnificence. (“Ash” echo.) She is a deluge, an ocean, undeniable, irresistible, unforgettable. She is Ash (“Ash” echo) by Elegance.

There’s still not much to decipher from Ash’s latest vignette. The perfume commercial motif is clear and present. One hint about Ash’s new name could be interpreted from her social media photo caption. “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.”

Ash by Elegance recently made her TNA in-ring debut at the TV tapings last weekend (spoilers), however, TNA has not yet announced when that bout will air. Until then, soak in the alluring mystery that is Ash by Elegance.

Share your thoughts on the second TNA vignette from Ash by Elegance.

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