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Will Ospreay eats his words in TNA rematch with Josh Alexander

The return of TNA on television closed with a super fight main event. Will Ospreay returned to grant a rematch with Josh Alexander on Thursday night’s episode of Impact (Jan. 18, 2024).

Ospreay won round one, but that was in an Impact ring. The Aerial Assassin grew up as a young boy watching TNA, which inspired him to become a professional wrestler. It was only fitting that Ospreay come back to compete in a TNA ring.

Ospreay oozed confidence prior to the bout. He mocked Alexander for not being able to defend the honor of Impact in their first match. It was now time for Alexander to step up and fulfill his destiny. Ospreay hyped the importance of the moment. This would be Alexander’s only shot to achieve redemption. Ospreay didn’t think Alexander would be able to handle that pressure. Little did Ospreay know at that moment in time that he would soon eat those words, bruv.

Ospreay and Alexander worked for roughly 25 minutes. The match started back and forth with the high level of action you would expect from two of the best in the world. Intensity ignited to a hotter level after Ospreay executed a Storm Driver off the apron through a table.

After that brutal maneuver, Alexander was fighting to survive out of instinct. He turned the tide by catching a cutter on the ramp to counter for a piledriver. Alexander continued the momentum for an avalanche rolling senton. When Ospreay regrouped, he was able to hit an avalanche poison rana and strike with the Hidden Blade finisher. Alexander defied the odds to kick out. Ospreay poured on the pain with a second Hidden Blade and a Storm Driver ‘93. 1, 2, Alexander kicked out again!

The climax came down to a tribute move from TNA’s glory days. Ospreay tried to end the bout with the Styles Clash from AJ Styles. Alexander was able to escape and go for an ankle lock. Ospreay flailed wildly to keep the submission from being applied, so Alexander changed tactics to successfully hit the Styles Clash. Ospreay kicked out on the cover. The Walking Weapon stepped on the gas petal to close with the C4 spike piledriver. Victory went to Alexander.

Great match. The chemistry between Ospreay and Alexander is excellent to produce high-quality action. Alexander earned his win back as the standard-bearer of TNA. Ospreay was able to achieve his dream of wrestling in a TNA ring and took the loss to do right by the business.

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