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Ash by Elegance (aka Dana Brooke) premieres TNA vignette

Dana Brooke turned heads when showing up in TNA at Hard to Kill with a new character direction and a new name. It was also revealed that Ash by Elegance was signed to the roster.

Fast forward to Thursday night’s episode of Impact (Jan. 18, 2024), and Ash by Elegance premiered her first TNA vignette embracing the perfume commercial vibe.

She is a whisper carried upon the breeze. (“Ash” echo effect.) As she passes accumulating momentum, her caress raises goosebumps, pinprick kisses, reminders of her singular presence. (“Ash” echo.) She is a hurricane force of nature, undeniable, irresistible, unforgettable. She is Ash (“Ash” echo) by Elegance.

This was just a scent of Ash by Elegance. There’s not much to analyze yet.

TNA did announce when to expect Ash by Elegance to grace the squared circle. She will be in action for the TV taping on Saturday, January 20 in Orlando, FL.

What’s your impression of the first vignette for Ash by Elegance in TNA?

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