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Alexander Hammerstone goes down in defeat in superfight at TNA Hard to Kill

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Alexander Hammerstone made his TNA debut at Hard to Kill (Jan. 13, 2024). The former MLW world heavyweight champion put on an impressive show in a super fight against Josh Alexander, however, it wasn’t good enough to earn victory.

The match was set up when Hammerstone issued an open challenge to face the best in the world. Alexander accepted with an invitation to TNA. The big-fight feel was in the air with dueling chants of support from the live fans.

Hammerstone’s power was too much for Alexander to handle toe to toe. Hammer hammered powerful blows and brushed off Alexander’s attempts at technical wrestling. Hammerman also showed his agility on a slingshot plancha to the outside.

Whenever Alexander made leeway, Hammerstone fired up to toss him around the ring.

On another occasion, Hammerstone was jacked and juicy for a military press into a swinging slam.

Alexander decided to attack the knee. He was able to secure a grapevine ankle lock, but Hammerstone muscled toward the ropes for the break. That game plan paid off when Hammerstone’s leg buckled more than once in pivotal moments. Hammer hit his Nightmare Pendulum finisher, but he was too slow to make the cover due to the pain. That delay provided precious time for Alexander to roll to the ropes to avoid a pinfall.

For the closing stretch, furious strikes were exchanged. Hammerstone gained the upper hand for a sitout powerbomb. Alexander kicked out. The Walking Weapon dug deep to rally for a German suplex and the C4 spike piledriver to win.

That was a badass match. Hammerstone was given the star treatment, which in turn made Alexander’s win look even more impressive.

So, what’s next for Hammerstone as a free agent? A rekindled rivalry with Richard Holliday is brewing in GCW.

Hammerstone also has his eyes on Wardlow in AEW. The connection is helping out MJF as a dynastic friend from their time in MLW.

Where do you want to watch Alexander Hammerstone appear next? Would you like to see TNA secure his services?

For full results to TNA Hard to Kill, click here. The PPV is available for viewing through TNA+, TrillerTV powered by Fite, and various other outlets.

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