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TNA Hard to Kill 2024 live results: New era begins for Total Nonstop Action

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The new era of TNA is official with the Hard to Kill PPV on January 13 from Las Vegas, NV. Total Nonstop Wrestling has gathered talent from around the globe for a special evening of wrestling entertainment. Four championship bouts are featured on the PPV card with Alex Shelley defending the TNA World Championship against Moose in the main event. TNA also has a few surprises up their sleeve.

The TNA Hard to Kill PPV starts at 8 pm ET. Live viewing is available through TNA+, TrillerTV powered by Fite, and various other outlets. The pre-show kicks off at 7 pm ET exclusively for TNA+ subscribers.

Join us for updates and have fun chatting in the open thread.



Steve Maclin defeated Rich Swann. Swann missed on a phoenix splash. Maclin loaded Swann into the Tree of Woe for a spear. Mr. Mayhem finished with the KIA double underhook DDT.

Moose, Brian Myers, Eddie Edwards, and Alisha Edwards were joined by former NFL running back DeAngelo Williams. They introduced the group’s new name, The System. They tried to do it the right way within Impact/TNA’s system, but they realized that they don’t belong in the system. That is because they are The System.

“Top Dolla” AJ Francis used his own money to buy time on Hard to Kill to premiere the new music video with DJ Whoo Kid for, “We Out$ide.” It didn’t play long before Joe Hendry interrupted. Hendry played his own music video mocking Francis, especially the failed dive over the ropes in WWE. DJ Whoo Kid smashed a laptop on Hendry’s back, and Francis chokeslammed him. (Full details here.)

Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers defeated Eric Young & Frankie Kazarian. The System rallied for a Roster Cut lariat from Myers to Kaz, then Edwards struck with the Boston Knee Party. Myers picked up the pin on Kaz to win.

TNA Digital Media Championship: Crazzy Steve defeated Tommy Dreamer to win the title. No DQ rules in effect. Steve was more violent than Dreamer. Steve tied Dreamer’s hands together to leave him vulnerable. After piling plastic forks onto Dreamer’s body, Steve executed a running cannonball in the corner. A flying DDT was the finish by the new champion. (Full details here.)


Knockouts Ultimate X: Gisele Shaw defeated Xia Brookside, Jody Threat, Tasha Steelz, Alisha Edwards, and Dani Luna. The object of the match was to scale the X structure above the ring to retrieve the X. The winner earns a future Knockouts Championship shot. Lots of high-flying dives to the outside. Threat and Luna executed cool power moves. The spot of the match was Shaw using Luna as a stepping stool to leap into the air for a spear to the hanging Threat. The finish came down to Shaw, Steelz, and Luna climbing the ropes. Luna fell first, Steelz fell down second, and that left Shaw all alone to claim the X.

PCO defeated Dango. The French-Canadian Frankenstein was reanimated by mad scientists on stage. The dirty dancer was flanked by Alpha Bravo and Oleg Prudius. PCO dominated early, so Bravo blatantly interfered to get the match thrown out. PCO was awarded the win via disqualification.

That wasn’t the end. Afterward, the bad guys stomped PCO. Rhino ran out for the save. Santino Marella wasn’t pleased with the cheap match, so he used his Director of Authority power to book a six-man tag. Jake Something was brought in as the partner for PCO and Rhino.

PCO, Rhino, & Jake Something defeated Dango, Alpha Bravo, & Oleg Prudius. The match played out with Bravo eating pain. Rhino hit a Gore on Bravo. Jake powerbombed Dango on top of Bravo. PCO finished the job with a moonsault onto Bravo.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Decay defeated MK Ultra to win the titles. Rosemary and Havok were surprise opponents for Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly. Havok was a dominating powerhouse. She even kicked out of Slamovich’s Snow Plow finisher. Havok hit a sitout spinebuster to pin Kelly for the win. (Full details here.)

Scott D’Amore and Dorian Roldan announced a renewed partnership between TNA and AAA.

X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin defeated Kushida and Hijo del Vikingo to retain the title. Wild three-way action. This sequence was fire. Vikingo hit a step-up 450 splash onto Sabin on the ramp. Vikingo rolled Sabin’s body into the ring for a pin, but the champ kicked out. Kushida ran in to execute a flipping Hoverboard Lock off the turnbuckles. Sabin kicked Kushida in the mush to break the hold. Crucifix pin by Sabin, kick out by Kushida. The time traveler sprang up for a Hoverboard Lock on Sabin. Vikingo landed a flying stomp onto Kushida to break the hold. All three were down on the mat. Sabin took control for the finish. He hit a springboard Canadian Destroyer to Vikingo on stage. It was down to Sabin and Kushida. Sabin executed an avalanche German suplex, then he earned the win on the Cradle Shock.

Josh Alexander defeated Alexander Hammerstone. Hammer’s power was overwhelming, so Alexander targeted the knee. That paid off when Hammerstone hit the Nightmare Pendulum finisher. He took too long on the cover, and Alexander rolled to the ropes for safety. Alexander turned the tide with a flurry of strikes to set up a German suplex and the C4 spike piledriver to win. (Full details here.)

TNA World Tag Team Championship: ABC defeated The Rascalz, “Speedball” Mike Bailey & Laredo Kid, and Grizzled Young Veterans to retain the titles. Due to travel issues, Trent Seven was replaced by Laredo Kid. Wild action with several believable nearfalls. The finish came down to ABC fighting the Rascalz. Ace Austin and Chris Bey hit the Art of Finesse and Fold combo to beat Trey Miguel.

Dana Brooke arrived in TNA. Her new name is Ash by Elegance. Ash sat ringside for the Knockouts title bout. (Full details here.)

TNA Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace defeated Trinity to win the title. The Juggernaut was a powerhouse throughout. Trinity managed to trap Grace in the Starstruck submission in the center of the ring. Grace powered to her feet for a German suplex. Grace unloaded a spinning backfist and a pumphandle driver to win. (Full details here.)

TNA World Championship: Moose defeated Alex Shelley to win the title. Shelley did major damage to Moose’s left arm. Moose was a one-armed fighter by the end of the match. Shelley went for the kill on the Shellshock. Moose escaped, but Shelley swung the move back into position. Moose escaped again to hit a spear for the win.

The show didn’t end there.

Dolph Ziggler in TNA! The man known as Nic Nemeth made a surprise appearance to confront the new world champion. Nemeth ducked a clothesline to deliver a superkick and a Zig Zag. Nemeth revealed a TNA t-shirt as their big mystery signing. (Full details here for Moose’s win and Nemeth’s surprise.)


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