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ECW original answers open challenge in Impact

Victory Road started with a blast from the past. Alan Angels issued an open challenge, and it was answered by Little Guido.

Angels threw out the challenge earlier in the week. He took credit for Impact’s recent rise in success. Despite his high standing, he was left off the Victory Road card. Angels took matters into his own hands to issue an open challenge for the pre-show to any wrestler, past or present, from any company.

When the time came, the surprise was revealed to be Guido Maritato. Little Guido is an ECW veteran with the Full Blooded Italians. He captured tag team gold twice in ECW, once with Tony Mamaluke and once with Tracy Smothers. Guido later took his talents to WWE as Nunzio and captured the cruiserweight championship twice.

Guido had momentum down the stretch for a flying leg drop to the back of the neck. Angels is notorious for taking shortcuts, and that’s what he did once again. Angels faked a neck injury, so the referee blocked Guido from continuing his attack. Once Guido turned his back, Angles pounced to gouge the eyes and win on an Angel’s Wings double underhook facebuster.

Guido earned a pop in his return and did the job.

The bout is available on the free pre-show for Victory Road, however, the live feed cut out for most of the match. You can still watch the finish though.

Let’s hear it for Little Guido!

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