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Tommy Dreamer cries in final promo before career vs. title at Impact Victory Road

Tommy Dreamer has become an emotional man in the past year of his Impact career. That emotion might lead to the end of his wrestling career when he competes in career versus title against Kenny King for the Impact Digital Media Championship at Victory Road on Friday, September 8.

Dreamer cut one final promo before the special event to reflect on the moment. Victory Road will take place at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY. That building has a spot in Dreamer’s heart. He explained:

Tommy Dreamer: Every action has a reaction. Impact Wrestling is coming up on this monumental thing. The Simpsons has only had 750 episodes. We’re coming on 1,000 episodes. But the night before, (at) Victory Road, I put it all on the line against you, Kenny King. Why? Because you’re everything the opposite that I have always been.

And if I can give you a quick little history story for myself, February 15, 1980, for my birthday, my father took me to meet my first ever love. And that’s professional wrestling. And I had one of the greatest nights of my life with my then best friend and my dad. And my dad and my mom have supported me my entire career.

In that building, I had my first ever WWF tryout. My parents sat front row, and I made my parents proud for that night. And, no, I didn’t get hired, but my journey continued. And I main-evented in that building for the original ECW, and my parents were there. And for WWE ECW, I was in that building too, and my children were there. That building means everything.

And if I can get even more personal, seven blocks away, I said goodbye to my mom at that hospital. And I’ve been blessed to know that my last words to her were, “I love you.” And her last words to me were, “I love you too, and I’m proud of you.” And I’m blessed to have had her for all the years of my whole life.

Dreamer was interrupted by Heath trying to talk sense about risking his career. The locker room supports Dreamer, but maybe take a step back and reassess this. Dreamer replied that it’s either the end or another chapter to write.

Did Dreamer’s promo move you? Do you think his career will be over at Victory Road?

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