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Gail Kim opens up about Impact 1000 concussion, shuts down bullying of Velvet Sky

Even before her first match in more than four years aired on television last night (Sept. 21), word spread about a nasty-looking bump Gail Kim took at from Sept. 9’s Impact 1000 taping.

Kim quickly assured fans she was okay. Now, with a couple weeks to heal, she’s now sharing more about how she recovered from “kind of a bad concussion” she suffered when her head bounced off the floor after Velvet Sky pulled her off the apron. The Impact Hall of Famer also knows that in bringing this up again, it’s likely some fans will blame Sky for what happened. So she makes an effort to shut that down while talking about the work she and her long-time chiropractor Tommy Rhee did to address her latest brain injury:

It’s an interesting video, and a worthwhile message about not making what could have been a bad situation worse by making someone (in this case Sky) into an internet villain.

Seeing as this is our second recent instance of a wrestler working at least part of a match with a concussion, might we suggest using any energy you might have spent getting angry with Velvet on encouraging promotions to devote more resources to prevent that from happening so often in the future?

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