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James Storm & Chris Harris return for one more match in Impact

Legends of the past were in the house to celebrate the 1,000th episode of Impact television. James Storm and Chris Harris were seen on screen milling around last week. This week, they returned to the ring for an impromptu match.

The scenario started simple enough with a singles bout between Eric Young and Kenny King. Scott D’Amore joined Young in his role as head coach of Team Canada.

Wherever King roams in the Impact Zone, Sheldon Jean isn’t far behind. Young gained a quick edge with an aggressive hip toss, so Jean interfered with a blatant blindside attack. D’Amore had Young’s back to whack Jean with the flagpole. The match was declared a disqualification in favor of Young.

Not so fast, my friend. Give me a shell yeah!

Shark Boy entered on stage using his power as deputy director of authority to restart the match as a tag team affair.

Well, it wasn’t long before more calamity struck. Deaner and Kon rushed the ring to attack Young. Shark Boy wasn’t having that nonsense, so he restarted the match again. This time, it was an 8-man tag with America’s Most Wanted joining Young and D’Amore.

The official sides for round three were Eric Young, Scott D’Amore, “Wildcat” Chris Harris, & “Cowboy” James Storm versus Kenny King, Sheldon Jean, Deaner & Kon. This matchup was given some time to work. The heroes rallied in the end for victory.

Young landed a flying elbow drop to Jean, but Jean surprisingly kicked out. When Young set up a piledriver, King flew in over the top for a blockbuster. Harris crushed King with a lariat, and Kon smashed D’Amore off the apron. Hoss fight! Harris and Kon engaged in fisticuffs. Storm helped his partner for a double clothesline to send Kon over the ropes. Harris and Storm double-teamed King to toss him out of the ring. Storm uncorked a superkick knocking Deaner outside.

Jean grabbed a waistlock on Storm, but Harris locked hands with Storm as an anchor to aid in escape. Jean was ping-ponged around the ring for a facebreaker from Storm, a Sky High spinebuster from D’Amore, and a piledriver from Young to win.

The Impact legends savored the victory.

That was a fun exhibition from Storm, Harris, and D’Amore. They hit their spots to please the crowd. It was fluff worthy of fitting in on the Impact 1,000 party.

Did you enjoy this showcase from the Impact legends?

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