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Alan Angels earns Impact X-Division title shot in return of Ultimate X

Alan Angels is flying high as a celestial. In honor of the 1,000th episode of television, Impact brought back a fan favorite gimmick match in Ultimate X. The former Dark Order member bested the field to earn an X-Division title shot.

Angels competed against Rich Swann, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Ace Austin, Zachary Wentz, and Samuray del Sol (aka Kalisto). It was high-octane action from the get-go. Fly, wrestlers, fly.

Angels and Bailey joined in on the fun with Samuray for a triple moonsault to the outside.

The concept of Ultimate X is an X symbol hanging high above the ring. The goal is to scale the structure, climb across the ropes hanging high above the ring, retrieve the X, and secure possession down to the mat. Think of it as a ladder match variation without the ladders.

Wentz used the No DQ rules to his advantage by cheating with his trusty can of spray paint. Wentz spritzed Swann in the face, as well as Samuray. That was two down with four in the hunt for the finish. Wentz, Ace, Speedball, and Angels each climbed opposing corners scaling the ropes toward the center X. Wentz sprayed Ace in the face with paint, and he crashed down to the mat. Bailey unleashed a bicycle kick knocking Wentz down. Angels saw his opportunity and kicked Bailey in the groin. Both men lost their grip and fell down, but Angels quickly regrouped to climb back up and snatch the case. Angels dropped down to the mat with the X in his hands for victory.

Angels isn’t interested in waiting long to cash in his prize. Backstage, he called his shot at X-Division champion Chris Sabin for next week.

What odds do you give Alan Angels of defeating Chris Sabin to win the X-Division Championship next week?

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