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Impact’s top 10 TV moments doesn’t have Steiner Math at #1

In honor of Impact celebrating their 1,000th episode, they compiled a top 10 list of moments from television, as voted on by fans. You may be outraged to learn that Steiner Math is not in the #1 slot, but trust me when I tell you that the winning moment is worthy of the spot.

The top 10 moments list from Impact TV includes:

10. Team 3D and Kevin Nash arrive on Spike TV debut - October 1, 2005

9. Joker Sting emerges - June 16, 2011

8. The Main Event Mafia Takeover of IMPACT - January 29, 2009

7. AJ Styles helps Main Event Mafia against Aces and 8s - August 22, 2013

6. Bully Ray powerbombs Dixie Carter through a table – August 7, 2014

5. Trinity debuts in IMPACT – May 4, 2023

4. Bobby Roode betrays James Storm to become World Champion – November 3, 2011

3. The Woo-Off between Ric Flair and Jay Lethal - June 17, 2010

2. Steiner Math - May 1, 2008

1. Kurt Angle debuts and confronts Samoa Joe - October 19, 2006

Steiner Math is comedy gold and stands the test of time as a promo, however, it doesn’t hold a candle to the emotion of Kurt Angle confronting Samoa Joe. The energy is explosive for Angle’s debut appearance. Every time I see Angle headbutt Joe, it fills me with desire to seek out that match. That’s a testament to how strongly that scene sells the fight.

What’s your take on the top 10 list of Impact TV moments? Did you correctly guess the #1 spot?

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