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Impact 1000 recap & reactions (Sept. 14, 2023): Special guest appearances

Impact celebrated their 1,000th episode of television on Thursday night (Sep. 14, 2023). A variety of special guests were present for the party, including Mickie James, Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Devon Dudley, Shark Boy, Rhino, Traci Brooks, and more. The event was so big that it will mesh into next week’s show as well.

Let’s groove through the show from start to finish.

Impact honored the Knockouts division first with a special video.

Gail Kim arrived to hype the ten-women tag match next week. Eight participants were known with two mystery slots open. The promo session involved the Beautiful People, the Shawntourage, Jordynne Grace, Deona Purrazzo, Trinity, and Awesome King with Raisha Saeed. Tasha Steelz entered the scene as one mystery partner. The Boricua Badass didn’t back down from Kong. Mickie James was the final guest as the other mystery partner. Sides were drawn. Gail Kim, Jordynne Grace, Trinity, Awesome Kong, & Mickie James will wrestle Angelina Love, Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans, Deonna Purrazzo, & Tasha Steelz next week. (Full details here.)

Director of Authority Santino Marella was chilling with Eric Young, James Storm, and Chris Harris when Shark Boy dropped his beer. Santino offered a role to Shark Boy as an assistant deputy. Shell yeah!

Feast or Fired was won by Chris Bey, Crazzy Steve, Yuya Uemura, and Moose. The goal was to grab one of the four briefcases and exit the ring with the prize in full possession. The cases contained three title shots and one pink slip, which will be revealed next week. The final case was in the hands of Steve Maclin, then Rhino made a surprise return to Gore him. The case flew out of Maclin’s hands over the ropes into the clutches of Moose. (Full details here.)

Team 3D defeated the Desi Hit Squad. Rohit Raju and Champagne Singh chastised Impact for a lack of respect. Brother Ray and Brother Devon came in to tack out the trash. Team 3D pounded the Desi Hit Squad to win on a 3D finisher, then they closed the segment with a table powerbomb to Rohit. (Full details here.)

The Rascalz were lounging with pizza in the hallway. Josh Alexander sassed them and tossed their luggage. That scene planted the seeds for what was to come.

Alexander went to the ring for a promo to challenge Alex Shelley for the Impact World Championship. Alexander never lost that title, and he wanted to make it right be taking it back. Shelley argued the disrespect. Alexander was out, so Shelley is now the face of Impact. Deal with it. Alexander pointed out that Shelley never beat him. Shelley replied that they are different people from that original match. Both want the fight to prove who is better. Boom! The Rascalz attacked. Shelley didn’t help Alexander and walked out to let the Rascalz go after him.

Backstage, Shark Boy used his new authority book Trey Miguel versus Alexander for next week. Kenny King approached Santino to get a rematch against Tommy Dreamer for the Impact Digital Media Championship. Instead, Santino booked King against Eric Young, who also had fire in his loins for competition.

Frankie Kazarian & Traci Brooks defeated Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards. Eddie had his sights on finishing Brooks, but she scratched his eyes to launch for an X-Factor. Kaz delivered a running knee to eject Eddie from the ring. Brooks seized the moment to pin Alisha off a piledriver. Afterward, Kaz announced the news that Brooks is the newest member of the Impact Hall of Fame. (Full details here.)

Dreamer explained his emotions in the moment of winning the DMC. It was the one of the greatest nights of his life. Wrestling is about creating moments, and Dreamer will have fun doing that to defend the title anywhere.

Chris Sabin defeated Lio Rush to win the X-Division Championship. Drama escalated down the stretch with near falls. Rush kicked out of the Cradle Shock, and Sabin kicked out of the Final Hour frog splash. Sabin exploded with offense in the end for a Tanaka punch, Shellshock, then Cradle Shock to become a ten-time X-Division champion. (Full details here.)

Impact put on a fun time for the 1,000th episode. There were enough blasts from the past to put smiles on faces, the video packages captured the magnitude of the moment, and the wrestling action delivered entertainment. Feast or Fired was more enjoyable than I was expecting. The chaotic flow played out well for a sense of unpredictability. Team 3D worked to their strengths to give the people what the want. Get the tables! The Kazarian versus Edwards family grudge match had a happy ending. Chris Sabin and Lio Rush put on a dandy in the main event. Sabin took home the gold as an Impact original for a fitting finish to the evening.

Share your thoughts on the 1,000th episode of Impact’s television program.

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