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Team 3D reunites in Impact to get the tables

Impact brought in a pair of hall of famers to celebrate their 1,000th television episode. Brother Ray and Brother Devon reunited as Team 3D for their first match in seven years.

Team 3D’s arrival to the ring was set up with Rohit Raju and Champagne Singh flapping their gums talking down to the fans. The Desi Hit Squad jobbers demanded a team be named who has done more for Impact than they have. Enter Ray and Devon.

The two-time TNA tag champs handled business to hit their signature spots. Devon launched for a flying headbutt to Rohit’s groin.

Team 3D rallied the crowd to chant for the tables. Devon got the table, but they didn’t use it in victory. Team 3D hit the 3D flapjack cutter combo on Singh to win.

Don’t ever accuse Team 3D of letting a good table go to waste. After the match, Brother Ray powerbombed Rohit through the wood.

All in all, this was a fun throwback exhibition for a pair of tag team legends. Brother Ray didn’t demonstrate any Bully heel behavior. He rolled like old times with Brother Devon. The fans ate it up with full delight.

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