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Impact Feast or Fired winners include a former world champ

Impact brought back the Feast or Fired match for their 1,000th television episode. Feast or Fired is one of the wacky concepts of Impact’s past that results in title shots and a pink slip.

Four briefcases were hanging high above each corner, and the mystery prizes were title bouts for the Impact World Championship, Impact World Tag Team Championship, Impact Digital Media Championship, and a notice to be fired from Impact. Rules dictated that a wrestler had to retrieve the case then secure possession with his feet on the floor.

There were a bunch of challengers vying for the Feast of Fired rewards. The action was constant brawling on the outside and a rapid-fire showcase of signature moves inside the ring.

Chris Bey was the first participant to grab a briefcase. He battled John Skyler in the corner to climb to the top. Bey still had to exit the ring with the case in his hands, so he decided to dive over the ropes onto a pile of bodies below. That strategy worked, and Bey was the first winner.

Crazzy Steve was the second winner. Once he had a briefcase, he pulled out a fork to stab Brian Myers. Moose wanted no part of that madness and allowed a free path for Steve to exit the ring.

Yuya Uemura was the third winner. He had the briefcase, but Sami Callihan was closing in to steal it. Yuya played a game of keep away with his tag team partner Joe Hendry. They tossed the case back and forth over Callihan’s head. Callihan tackled Hendry, and that gave Yuya the chance to rush out of the ring.

With only one briefcase remaining, PCO went on the warpath destroying opponents. Jai Vidal tried to seduce the monster with a seductive dance. PCO reacted by chokeslamming Vidal.

Steve Maclin was the man to grab the fourth briefcase, but it didn’t end in his hands. Bodies started surrounding the ring trying to steal the goods, so Maclin used the case as a weapon to ram wrestlers off the apron. That’s when Rhino made a surprise return. He rushed into the ring to Gore Maclin. The briefcase went flying out of Maclin’s hands into the clutches of Moose on the outside. Moose was declared the fourth winner.

The contents of each briefcase will be revealed next week. We’ll find out who earned which title shot and who will be fired among Chris Bey, Crazzy Steve, Yuya Uemura, and Moose.

That’s a tough call to predict who will be fired. Bey is a workhorse in the X-Division and tag team scene. Steve has received the spotlight in recent weeks for his own personal story. Yuya just started a fresh tag team with Joe Hendry, but his excursion time could be up with a return to NJPW. And then there is Moose, a former Impact world champion.

Who do you think is getting fired from Impact?

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