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Tommy Dreamer ready to defend Impact Digital Media Championship against Roman Reigns

Tommy Dreamer was on an emotional high after defeating Kenny King in a career versus title match to win the Impact Digital Media Championship at Victory Road. The euphoria of the moment caused Dreamer to call out Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Jon Moxley, and MJF to come challenge for the DMC.

Tommy Dreamer: People can understand why I’m so passionate for this industry. You were just there live, and you felt that energy. I got to live that two to three, four times a week. And I’ve been chasing that for so, so long.

Kenny King, thank you. You gave credibility to the DMC! And I hope to do the same. And I hope you learned a lesson. Because, like I said, man, I got learned and taught so many lessons from so many of the greats. And I got to tell you it felt so, so good in front of my daughters, man. Another moment in my career, another moment in this venue. I got say again, thank you.

Because I’m having so much fun, I got to tell you I will defend this title on every show that I’m at. If it’s an independent show, I will defend this title. If any champion in any company wants to try to take the DMC! from me, I’m right here. Roman, Seth, Mox, MJF, anybody in Impact, Moose? Oh man, Moose, you got history with me. New Japan, your local indie, wherever it is. This is a new start.

I will always say, life is just like professional wrestling. You are going to get knocked down, but you got to keep on getting up and keep on fighting. And I’m going to keep on fighting until I have no more breath in my body. Thank you. I love you.

Now, you might be snickering about the idea of Roman Reigns clearing a space in his busy schedule to battle Dreamer over Impact’s least important men’s championship. It’s actually a pretty smart move from Dreamer, because he is bringing more attention to himself and Impact on his quest to defend the Digital Media Championship around the world. It’s attracted me enough to write about it as an interesting idea in the wrestling landscape.

Time will tell if Reigns acknowledges Dreamer as the DMC. Never say never. I think the real problem with that match ever happening is the Digital Media Championship itself. What the heck is Reigns going to do with that title when he wins?

One name on Dreamer’s list that could bite is Moxley. He has been known to show up for random indie appearances. The result could be fudged enough to protect Mox in defeat with a scenario like the Second Gear Crew interfering in mass to help Dreamer win. It’s not out of the realm of possibility. And that’s the beauty in the appeal of anytime, anywhere for anything to happen.

Dreamer backed up his words about defending the Impact Digital Media Championship at any show. He visited East Coast Professional Wrestling to wrestle outdoors in the rain against Drew Marston. Dreamer was victorious on his DMC tour.

Assuming we live in a fantasy land, do you want to see Tommy Dreamer versus Roman Reigns for the Impact Digital Media Championship?

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