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Eric Young reveals that he was not murdered in Impact cinematic scene

Impact shocked the wrestling world when they aired a murder on their television program, however, it turns out that not all was what it seemed.

Eric Young was left for dead in a cinematic scene. Deaner killed the sickness by stabbing Young in the chest with a knife to leave a bloody mess. That was in December 2022 as a way to write off Young to sign back with WWE. Things happened in the WWE universe that caused Young to request his release before ever appearing again on screen for them. Impact swooped in to re-sign Young as a mystery partner for Scott D’Amore at Slammiversary on July 15, 2023.

The issue was addressing what actually happened to Young in that violent meeting with Deaner. Did Young really die? Was he resurrected from the Undead Realm? Young assured the fans that he had more footage from that evening in question to reveal the truth.

Impact aired the video package to conclude Impact Wrestling.

The footage showed what happened after Deaner stabbed Young. Deaner smiled at his handiwork, then he exited to ride away on his motorcycle. Young awoke coughing blood with a laugh. He crawled outside to his chopper to cruise the streets into the night.

Young narrated this message:

Life. Death. Total opposites, but one can’t exist without the other. What is it to die? What is it to live? Can you die if you never truly lived? Is death final? And, why are we so scared? Is it because, in the end, death truly is the unknown?

Death is inevitable. It’s the endgame, the final, the curtain call, the last thing any of us will know. Death can be a gateway. Death can be a reward. Death can be beautiful. But, I ain’t f*cking dead yet.

I’ve lived a thousand lives during my time in this business. And if I have it my way, I’m going to live a thousand more.

A man can be killed. A body can be disposed of. Flesh, it can be removed. But, an idea? An idea is eternal. An idea can live forever. I’m more than a man, more than life, more than death. I am an idea, and I will live forever.

Well, that wraps up the loose end in a neat little bow. I’m satisfied. Honestly, I would have also been satisfied if Young turned out be revived from the dead using dark magic. Both directions fit within the Impact lore. Bottom line is that’s nice to see Young back in Impact doing what he loves.

How do you rate the artistry of Impact’s latest cinematic scene?

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