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Tommy Dreamer wants career vs. title at Impact Victory Road

Tommy Dreamer’s professional wrestling career may be coming to an end on September 8 in White Plains, NY. The Innovator of Violence is ready to wager his career in a title bout as a matter of respect.

The story started at Emergence when Kenny King successfully defended the Impact Digital Media Championship against Johnny Swinger. King and Sheldon Jean put the boots to Swinger after the match. Dreamer was accompanied by security to keep the peace. As Dreamer’s back was turned, King attacked the hardcore veteran with a cheap shot. King mounted Dreamer to assault the ECW hero.

Fast forward to Thursday night on Impact Wrestling (Aug. 31, 2023). King gloated in the ring about being the DMC (Digital Media Champion). He was feeling fly after thrashing Swinger and Dreamer. King took a shot at ECW by saying DMC are the only three letters that matter to him.

Dreamer heard enough and entered the ring for a promo. He chastised King’s love for the business after seeing him boozing at the bar instead of staying to watch the Knockouts in the main event of Emergence.

King criticized Dreamer for being well past his prime and still clinging to his spot. King wondered if it was time to knock Dreamer out and take his spot. The DMC changed his mind, since Dreamer has nothing to offer that he wants. Dreamer decided to put his career on the line for a match.

Dreamer phrased it much more poetically by adding layers of emotion to his speech.

Impact made the match official. It will be career versus title between Dreamer and King at Victory Road on September 8.

Will you be tuning in to find out of this becomes Dreamer’s retirement match?

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